Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet Anne-Marie!

My focus as a scholar is on literature of the American borderlands, commonly understood as the geographic space of the southern United States and northern Mexico.  I'm currently working on a project which examines short stories by women writers of the region and investigates their grapplings with the intersections of gender and national belonging.  More broadly, I'm interested in transnational discourses, modernist literature, and the Spanish language. I worked in undergraduate admissions while earning my master's degree, and I'm now pursuing a full-time position in higher education.

I began dressing with intention because, in my upbringing as a Southern lady, I learned that donning pearl jewelry demonstrates that I take myself seriously.  Sometime roundabout my first job interview this concept registered, and I've been (trying to!) dress thoughtfully ever since.  Now I only occasionally wear pearls, but I extend the principle to my entire wardrobe.

My personal style is evolving, and our readers helped me recognize it!  I embrace lace and ruffles, and I enjoy pairing them with Converse sneakers and structured jackets.  I fiercely oppose matchy-matchiness, think black and brown coexist quite happily, and swoon over a wedge heel.

My biggest style hurdle is varying pieces.  Jewelry, shoes, a favorite dress - all are susceptible to my wardrobe monomania.  If I'm attached to an article of clothing, I'm attached for a whole season, and I disserve its novelty by wearing it at least 100 different ways.

My current style mentors are Twiggy and Kelly Ripa.  Both petite women like me, they inspire me to embrace a version of femininity that suits my small frame.  Twiggy routinely paired her boyish pixiebob with flirty frocks, a style move which conflated masculine and feminine looks while avoiding androgyny.  Kelly's wardrobe showcases a similar boldness, although her physique is more muscular than willowy.  She dresses her slim figure with spunk.  What's more, her commitment to color and to a fabulous pair of heels remind me to infuse fashion with fun even, and especially, while juggling a busy schedule.