Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet Liz!

My focus as a scholar is on American women's literature of the 20th Century.  My current research project examines the ways in which American women writers represented the Great War and how their work demonstrates the impacts of the war upon American citizens.  This project is informed by my interest in literary modernism, critical theory, narrative theory, and feminist theory.  In addition to my coursework, I'm currently working as a graduate assistant in one of the offices in our department.

I began dressing with intention after I finished undergrad and began teaching high school English.  Because I was so young, it was important for me to find ways to establish myself as an authority in the classroom.  I learned quickly that dressing like a professional earned me a greater level of respect from my students, their parents, my fellow teachers, and administrators.  Clothing and personal style became a way to make sure I was taken seriously as an educator.

My personal style is classic, professional, and tailored.  I generally stick with basics like trousers, cardigans, and wrap dresses.  I try to use accessories to participate in current trends rather than buying too many articles of clothing that might go out of style quickly.

My biggest style hurdle is that I have difficulty putting together chic casual outfits.  I feel like I know what I'm doing with work attire, but when it comes to the weekend, I often find myself uninspired by what I'm wearing.

My current style mentors are Michelle Obama and Reese Witherspoon.  I respect Michelle for always dressing to please herself first.  Since she chooses pieces that make her feel confident, she looks fabulous in everything she wears.  I also  appreciate what she's done to banish pantyhose, make bare arms appropriate, and prove that a belted cardigan is completely versatile.  Reese impresses me with her ability to look effortlessly put together on the red carpet and at the grocery store.  I admire her keen sense for choosing attire that flatters her, suits the occasion, and asserts her intelligence.  When she's "off duty," she always exudes ease and comfort without ever looking sloppy.