Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Fond Farewell

Hello, Scholar Style Guide readers!  We have enjoyed contributing to this blog so much that it's bittersweet to announce we are bringing it to its conclusion.  We started the blog because, as our abstract says, we wanted to participate in conversations about the cultural construction of fashion, the semiotics of clothing, and how we can take these theoretical approaches to thinking about clothing and apply them to our daily dressing choices.   It has been a pleasure getting to know you all and discussing these issues with you.  Your comments have continued to assure us that intelligent, thoughtful, and stylish women abound within academia and beyond.  You've also become interested in and supportive of our personal lives and obstacles, and we have enjoyed interacting with you and each other through our collaborative blog project.  It has also been a fun creative outlet for us that has contributed to the life of the mind for each of us.

When we began last March, we didn't know how long we'd keep up the blog.  We figured we'd write until we felt like we had run out of things to add to the conversation.  We're stepping away now because we feel like we've shared just about everything we have to contribute to the online style blog community.  We look forward to keeping up with those of you who maintain your own blogs and we are confident that the thoughtful style blogging conversation is in very capable hands despite our departure.

For our final post, we put together some of our most popular, memorable, and favorite posts over the past 9 months.  We hope this will serve as a fun reminder to our longtime readers, encourage our newer readers to click back through the archives, and give future readers who stumble across our blog a good point of entry for navigating our ideas.

left to right:
Hair Metamorphosis
Thoughts on Fur
Let's Talk About Lace, Baby!
Gingham Getup and Bygone Girliness
Grass is Always Greener
Hired or (Gulp!) Fired?
Dressing Simply With Patterns
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left to right:
Embracing Color 
Katie No Feet
Body Insecurities
Shorts and Summer
Curves, Calves, Coloring
Generic Categories
Dressing "Ladylike"
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left to right:
Rut Ditching; or, Pattern Mixing
Dresses as Skirts
Dressed-Up Comfort
Comfort Levels
Possible Summer Trend Overload
Textual Analysis: Henry James
Adrienne Rich and Heels
Search all of Liz's posts.

Wardrobe Workhorse Week

In September, we hosted a collaborative blog project to celebrate the items in our closets that we wear most frequently.  You can see the introductory post here, the wrap-up post and list of participants here, and all of our own posts here.

Thanks again, everybody, for reading along and sharing your ideas.  If you're finding us for the first time sometime in the future, we hope you'll still feel free to join the conversation!  At some point our url will bounce back to, but we're happy to leave these nine months and many, many interesting conversations out there on the internet for us and our readers to consult in the future.


Linda W said...

You lovely ladies will be missed. I appreciated your approach to style. In fact, I'm wearing a skirt on a plane today and was just reading the link from your site about it.

The Auspicious Life

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to see you leave, but thank you so much for the time you've blogged. You made me think and see things differently, and I appreciate that. Good luck and stay in touch!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I'm also sad to see you go. I wish you the best in your future endeavors!

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

I kid you not, last night I thought to myself, "I haven't seen any posts from the Scholars lately." You will be missed, but it's never wrong to end something when you feel it has run its course.

Keep in touch, you lovely ladies!

AW said...

Thanks for all the posts, insights, and commentary. Good luck!

S. said...

I'm sad to see you ladies go, as I've been inspired by your sartorial innovations and your writing! Keep in touch and best of luck in your future adventures!

Anonymous said...

You will be sorely missed. Happiest of holidays, and wishing you all prosperity.

Diana said...

I'll be sad to see you go! I've really enjoyed participating in the conversations here over the last 9 months. Best of luck in your future endeavors!

Jody said...

I'm sad to see you go! It's been a pleasure to read your blog and I wish you the best. I have to admit though, the thing I'll miss the most is little Oscar occasionally sneaking into the picture - made me crack up every time!

Best of Luck!

Brooke said...

What sad news. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and looking to you three for style inspiration. We'll have to get together sometime soon so I can get some real-life style inspiration. I hope the three of you enjoy the holidays. You'll be very missed in the blogosphere.

Alterations Needed said...

Awww...sad to see you ladies move on! I was enjoying reading your posts and seeing your amazing outfit concoctions. Best of luck with your future endeavors!

Millie from Interrobangs Anonymous said...

You'll be missed! I've been missing in action for a while now for a variety of reasons, but I've still been reading and I'll miss your corner of the internet. But like Katie sort of said, things sometimes just run their course. Hope to see you ladies around the intertubes sometime!

Sarah said...

Sad to see you move on! I had fun reading all the posts. Liz, hopefully I will be moving to [SSG HQ] soon (I know I've been saying this for months now) and we can some conversations, once again, in person instead of cyber space.

Miss B said...

You will be missed ladies! Thank you for your time and the best of luck.

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Sorry to see you guys go! I really enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your awesome questions. I wish I'd contributed more to the discussion, as sometimes I didn't have smart things to say (darn social science background is so useless when it comes to smart talk). I'll miss your smiling faces and awesome outfits. I still wish I could pull off Anne-Marie's killer heels.

Frances said...

Oh, no! I am so disappointed to read this, but I do understand. I am not an academic; but rather, a nonprofit professional, and I took so much inspiration from your blog. Thank you for your contributions to the professional style conversation over the past 9 months. Since discovering You Look Fab, Academichic, Corporette, and blogs like Kasmira's What I Wore Today about a year and a half ago, I have scoured the Internet looking for blogs that inspire me to improve and innovate my professional wardrobe. Coming from an academic background infused with feminist/critical/literary theory, it's been fascinating to read your posts about the messages that clothing and style can convey about power and authority. Liz, I've so enjoyed reading your posts about dressing to convey authority in the classroom, as well as your explorations in adjusting your style for student conferences and trying to find your comfort level with more casual styles. In particular, you have inspired me to tackle cardigans and figure out how to make them work in my professional wardrobe, and I thank you for that.

It's been so refreshing to find blogs like the SSG on the Internet as an alternative to that once supreme and now endangered species, the glossy fashion magazine. I have loved seeing everyday professional women empower themselves and take back the reins of power from Conde Nast, Madison Avenue and Hollywood by adding their own voices, reflections, photos and outfit selections to the conversation, insisting that style can just as easily come from the grad student or teacher or entry-level social worker wearing items from JCP and TJ Maxx as it can from a celebrity draped in Prada. It is a powerful statement when women like these insist on their right to be part of the dialogue on style.

However, that being said, it requires a tremendous amount of time and energy for these independent bloggers to routinely plan outfit selections, challenge themselves to continually renew and innovate, shop and acquire the occasional new items that add new life to their wardrobe selections, write thoughtful analytical posts, take, upload and post photos, design and maintain their sites, respond to comments to keep the conversation flowing, etc., especially while managing busy careers, pursuing graduate degrees, and attending to personal and family obligations. Thank you to the three of you for the tremendous amount of time, energy and effort you've put into this style blog over the past year. I will sincerely miss your posts and hope you will leave the archives posted for a while for inspiration. I know it's selfish, but I need reminders of how Liz made cardigans look stylish and professional, rather than frumpy!

A-Dubs said...

Really? You're leaving so soon? You will definitely be missed! Thanks for all your photos, smart discussions, and engaging questions.

And please come on back anytime.

Scholar Style Guide said...

Thanks for all the kind words, ladies! I have really enjoyed being a part of our corner of the blogging community and look forward to seeing what else you have to say in the future on your own blogs!


be an image consultant said...

Thank you for all the photos you have shared with us. You all will surely be missed.

Academichic said...

Oh no! What sad news! I totally didn't expect this, although I completely understand! Last fall, when starting a new lecturer position, I always stepped back from daily style blogging and devoted my energies to my new job and life. Now with the arrival of a baby in July, I'm having fun exploring maternity style and writing about pregnancy in academia. Inspiration comes and goes and it's best to step back when you're in a lull. But your blog will surely be missed and I'm sad to see such a fabulous collaboration come to an end.

Good luck to each one of you with your future projects! And thank you for the many wonderful comments left on our site from the perspective of other female academics!


Miss. Studios said...

You guys seem to know how to say goodbye really well. We will surely miss you! Thank you for all your work!

Leslie said...

How fun and what an adorable (well styled) group! thanks for sharing