Friday, December 3, 2010

Putting on my Game Face


Earlier Drafts:
These high-heeled Mary Janes are my go-to when I need a boost (literally and figuratively).
I own a lot of items with big floral prints, including this skirt.
To "fall up" my favorite summer dress, I paired it was a purple cardigan and these grape tights.
The seahorse necklace is one of my three sea creature necklaces.

purple top (Marshalls)
black and white skirt (The Limited)
purple tights (Hue)
high-heeled Mary Janes (Michael by Michael Kors)
seahorse necklace (gift from boyfriend)

The end of the semester - aka insanity - is upon us!  I'm in the midst of seminar papers right now, and my writing attire is pretty similar to Liz's.  However, last week, I had a (forced) lull in the writing frenzy for two big meetings, one with a professor to discuss my paper in a field that I am not super familiar with and one with my advisor to discuss exams, reading lists, committees, etc. - you know, just my entire life for the next few years.  I wanted to bring my game face to both of these meetings, especially the second one, and I wanted to up the style factor in order to do so.

Anne-Marie talked about this issue before, though her "game face" was for slightly different circumstances.  Since I wasn't planning on writing or reading for long periods of time that day, comfort wasn't as much of an issue since my schedule didn't allow enough time to hunker down in a cozy work spot.  So I pulled on a skirt, tights, and high heels.

I really like the color purple (the hue and the book, actually), and I thought it would be fun to go with a purple-themed outfit.  Colorful tights aways make me happy, and I like the contrast they make with this neutral skirt.  The outfit served its purpose, and I felt great that day.  And my professors noted that she liked my tights (and my paper's thesis - whew!). 

As I look at this outfit again, I think a belt would look good here.  I'm not a big belter, though I think with Liz's influence, I'm increasingly drawn to them.

Apologies for my somewhat scattered post; my thoughts are in another word document.  Good luck to all of you at this busy time of year!

  • What's your "game face" (game outfit?) look like? (yes, I realize that Liz asked a similar question recently, but really, that's the theme of this time of year)
  • When do you need to put on your "game face"?  When you write?  For big meetings?  For big departmental benchmarks?  For all of the above?


Scholar Style Guide said...

I'm bummed that I missed this outfit IRL-- you always look so good in purple. Love the tights, and purple is an interesting "bright" to pair with black and white. I like black, white, and red, but sometimes it feels so played out.

One reason I like the belting so much is that it can cover up what is sometimes an awkward transition from shirt to bottoms. Does this skirt have an elastic waistband? I can't tell, and it looks fine here, but for whatever reason, I don't think those don't look as nice as a normal waistband. But since an untucked shirt often doesn't give me the polished look I'm after, either, I end up putting the belt over the top.

Anyhow, that aside, I think this looks good as-is, without the belt, though a belt over the top of that top/skirt transition might make it look more 'polished' somehow.


Plummy said...

I love the color purple on you, it's very pretty with your coloring. :)

My game face outfit is what I wear when I am super stressed out--either I am going to be in an uncomfortable situation, I am going to an important meeting, I am upset about something, and anything of the like. For me, this outfit is equivalent to armor. It's something I don to give me extra support in a trying time. Therefore, my clothing is very structured, very precise, and usually on the verge of being too formal. I want control of the situation, and one way I try to do that is to show control in my appearance. I also usually include at least one 'good luck' piece of jewelry.

A-Dubs said...

'Love the purps in the top and tights, and paired with black and white. Also, I drool every time you wear those shoes.

You're right it's the time of year to bring it, sartorially and intellectually. Usually, this means black and red for me. But I'm trying to switch things up. Purple and black and white seems a good way to go, then. . . ;)

'Hope all your word documents are looking good.