Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Look Familiar?


Earlier Draft:
I wore essentially the same outfit earlier this summer.

eyeglasses (Kate Spade)
clear lucite beaded necklace (Kohl's)
dress (H&M)
white canvas wedges (MIA)

I've featured this dress frequently enough this summer to convince you, I think, that it's one of my favorite items of apparel.  This time, I left the belt at home to beat the heat and I wore my new white wedges, but otherwise this look is identical to the look I posted last month.  I'm afraid I'm boring you to death, but I wanted to share this ensemble again because I'm curious how frequently others re-wear similar looks.

I read the blogs of several ladies who actively avoid repeating outfits, and I have a lot of respect for all you remix masters out there, but I personally don't have a problem with repeating an outfit.  In fact, I really enjoy re-wearing the ensembles that I feel the best in.  My general rule of thumb for re-wearing is to ask myself if I wore the item last week, and if the answer is no, I'll happily wear it again.   Most times I style the item differently, but sometimes I don't bother.  I guess it's a sort of "If it's not broken, don't fix it" approach.  I'll admit, though, I even break this rule of thumb for items I really love-- I've worn my navy striped tank at least once a week since I got it.  I think I re-wear fairly often because I only buy clothes I really like and it bothers me to have items in my closet that aren't getting worn.  I do like to buy new things, but only if I can think of several different ways and places to wear them.


  • How frequently do you re-wear items of apparel?  Do you try to style them differently or do you repeat entire looks like I do?
  • If you prefer to wear a different outfit every day, what motivates you to keep finding new ways to style your clothes?  Do you think you buy more clothes than the average person, or do you just find a greater variety of ways to wear the same items?


Sal said...

I can see why that dress gets frequent use - it is summery perfection!

Sarah said...

I am just like you and will repeat entire looks if I feel like I really got the entire look just right. Sometimes I'll change the accessories if I'm feeling inspired. Trying to wear a different outfit everyday of the season would require too much effort on my behalf and I don't know if I'm quite that creative or adventurous in the fashion department.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I am yet to repeat an outfit (I've been blogging since January) but I do have a LOT of clothes. I've had some near repeats though.

Millie from Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Oh, I definitely rewear clothes, and unwittingly outfits too. And I have the "I'll wear it if I haven't worn it this week" rule too! The concept of wearing clothes so infrequently that you barely repeat outfits is so foreign to me -- my closet just isn't big enough to pull that off.

That dress is A+, too. I'd wear it frequently too!

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

This dress is super cute so way to rewear it.
I re-wear (and try to remix) my clothing pieces often but I find it's harder to do in the summer. When the weather is cooler out, I could remix a dress with a different cardigan, boots, scarf, but in the summer, it seems like a drag.
Sometimes, even when I do remix, I see that I repeat very similar clothes in similar ways.

Scholar Style Guide said...

Thanks, Ladies! I'm glad you like this dress as much as I do!

And Rad, great point about the difficulty of remixing in the summer. That seems so obvious to me now that you've said it, but I hadn't thought about that as one of the reasons why my summer wardrobe feels particularly repetitive this year.


Anonymous said...

I love the print and color in that dress. It fits you perfectly!

I love repeating outfits (although I don't blog every day so it might not look like I repeat as often as I really do) and go through phases of really wearing a few things over and over. I try to change how I wear them each time, and push myself to wear the rest of my closet as well, but sometimes certain pieces just speak to me louder than others.