Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Sense of StyleSelf

Earlier Drafts:
These shoes? Some of my faves.
I carried this bright yellow clutch while wearing a neon skirt.

chartreuse shirtdress (H&M)
purple cardigan (Martin + Osa)
braided belt (Lulu's)
yellow clutch (SR Squared by Sondra Roberts)
nude suede heels (Seychelles via Piperlime)

Liz's post about her personal style aesthetic sent me on a mission through my own closet to concoct an outfit which best represented me.  Many outfits and a few detours through past photo albums later, I concluded that I do not (yet?) have a personal style aesthetic.  At this stage in my life, when I'm between hairstyles and between jobs, it seems I have begun to shed the pseudo-bohemian style of my late college years and to explore more tailored adaptations.  I'm in transition.  Today's outfit represents my exploration into the clean-cuts of the professional world.  A recent photo on The Sartorialist reminded me that I own this chartreuse shirtdress and inspired me to wear it in a new way.  The color acts as a punchy reference to my former, slightly more juvenile self.

Perhaps my tendency toward imitation indicates that I'm still in-the-making style-wise.  When does one begin to solidify a personal sense of fashion identity, at what age or stage in life?  Does one ever?

  • When did you feel mature in your style identity?  What were your life circumstances?
  • Those pesky adjectives on my bio page - "creative, colorful, and easy" - bother me because I'm not sure they're true.  At least not anymore.  So a) which adjectives should I use instead, and b) which adjectives would you use to describe your own style?


Sal said...

I think you can only ever have SOME aspects of a solid style identity. If you decide how you want to look and never flex or grow, you'll end up looking stodgy and dated in a heartbeat.

The dress is dynamite, by the way!

Katie W said...

I love your style and I think you're on target with both polished and bohemian! This combination is dynamite!

In other news, I'm 26 and I still haven't defined a "style". I can throw on an adult outfit but part of me still wants to rock a punk/alternative feel. For example, I have a skirt with suspenders that I adore and I think I should wear it while I can...

Ultimately, I think you're progressing nicely.

Scholar Style Guide said...

AM, this looks great on you! I have been feeling very uninspired by the Sartorialist lately, but I liked that look you referenced and your interpretation of it is fun.

Why not use "evolving" as one of your style words? I might also go with "eclectic" to describe your style because you have a great way of putting together pieces that others might not pair and still making the look cohesive.


Lindsay said...

Just found this blog -- I love it! Very thought provoking. I think one's style identity is often changing/evolving with life circumstances and age, but that we're always drawn to clothing that reflects our personalities (maybe subconsciously). I have had essentially the same fashion philosophy since high school, and though my tastes in styles have matured as I've gotten older, much of what I wear is shaped by that identity that somehow emerged when I was younger -- I woke up to the fact that I didn't want to follow everyone else and have only grown in that since. I think that personal realization is different for everyone, and that fashion identity is simply a result, a reflection of that shift.

From Shrimp to Lobster said...

This is such a gorgeous outfit on you! I like the mix of vintage and business like. I feel like so many people confuse the term "vintage" with "sloppy" or "grandmotherly" these days.

As for finding your style aesthetic...I think Liz is very lucky that she found hers! I feel like finding your aesthetic is kind of like deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life, sometimes it changes as a person gets older or sometimes people just know their whole lives. I think both are great, and also, some people just may not have one style. I don't, and I like it because I have fun exploring lots of different styles. Different sides of me are drawn to different types of clothing.
You should just say, "My style aesthetic is Anne-Marie." You are too cute in everything you post on here anyways!

Scholar Style Guide said...

Thanks for weighing in, all! Your advice has prompted me to edit my profile. I am now officially "evolving" :)

- AM