Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shorts and Summer


Earlier Drafts:
I wore this tank top in my first(!) post
OPI's My Chihuahua Bites! is my favorite summer polish

blue shorts (Old Navy)
green tank top (Old Navy)
purple flower wedges (Payless)
octopus necklace (ModCloth - gift from boyfriend)
on fingers: OPI My Chihuahua Bites!
on toes: OPI Pamplona Purple

Summer brings higher temperatures and higher heamlines.  It also provides the perfect opportunity for backyard barbeques.  These three summer standards came together for me this weekend when my house hosted a cookout.

I have not worn a non-athletic pair of shorts in maybe four or five years.  For warmer weather, I dress exclusively in skirts or dresses.  I'm not entirely sure why I've eschewed shorts for so long, but I have two theories.  Part of it stems from the fact that I tend to dress a bit conservatively due to my curvy figure filling out certain clothes a bit too much, making styles that look fine on less busty women look inappropriate one me (I discussed this issue in this post).  Thinking this way about clothing over an extended period of time has made me a bit gun-shy about all fashion choices, and I feel uncomfortable if I'm not covered up.  The second reason is that while I like my calves, I don't like my thighs at all, and wearing shorts makes me feel self-conscious.

Then, this week I bought not one, but two pairs of shorts.  I'm happy to say that SSG significantly influenced my decision to revisit shorts.  This project has really driven me to rethink and push my (self-imposed) fashion boundaries.  So I purchased and debuted this pair at our party.  Along with a simple tank top, they made a nice, casual look for outdoor festivities.

This statement necklace completes the series of sea creature necklaces (sting ray, seahorse, octopus) I received from my boyfriend for my birthday.

The octopus added a quirky kick to the outfit.  I also decided to play with non-sequiter shoes.  Nothing about them really connected to this outfit, but I thought that they would complete it nicely.  It needed a cute pair of shoes, and I love these wedges that I got for $10 at Payless, especially the flower detail and the strapes around the ankle.

My shorts experiment definitely went well.  I felt comfortable in them, and I definitely plan on incorporating shorts into my regular wardrobe for summers now.

  • Do you wear shorts?  What kind of shorts - longer, shorter?
  • Are there any articles of clothing that you do not wear, for whatever reason?
  • What kind of clothes do you like to wear for summer get togethers?


tess said...

I have that octopus necklace and I love it!

I tend to wear sundresses for get togethers, casual, yet classy and very "me"

Scholar Style Guide said...

Whoa, LEGS! Katie, these are great shorts on you!! I really like the length. Can't wait to see the other pair!

I like the shoe choice here, too. I'm weary of short shorts with heels for myself, even though it looks great on others, and I think these small wedges are a great middle ground that I would happily try. The cork wedge looks casual enough while still making the outfit seem more polished.

As a whole, I like how the different pieces bring together a bunch of different summer brights-- from the apparel to the shoes to the nails!

I have trouble dressing for cookouts-- I don't like to go super casual but I don't like to be overdressed, either. I like that this look would "fit" in a crowd full of sundresses because of a shoes OR in a crowd full of shorts and t-shirts because of the simple tank.


Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Great necklace.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love the necklace themes, that octopus is my fave! I do wear shorts, and short are fine since I am so short the longer ones don't always work! I am wearing a slightly longer pair today but it's an anomaly, I like yours!

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Katie from Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Hey, we're necklace twins! I also have a hammerhead shark, hermit crab, lobster, and a squid. I think we need to start a club.

Love the contrast between the orange and purple polishes, too!

Brooke said...

I love both polishes, Katie! I have loved OPI My Chihuahua Bites for many years (my mom has two Chihuahuas, so I bought it for her years ago), and Pamplona Purple is gorgeous. Also, LOVE your fun necklaces!! How perfectly summery. I have a few seahorse pieces, but I really love your octopus and stingray. Very cool. Thanks for sharing :)

Scholar Style Guide said...

Thanks for the necklace love, everyone! My boyfriend was really excited that others liked it.

Katie: I am all about the sea creature necklace club! So glad someone else is into it too! As soon as I saw your comment, I turned to my boyfriend and said, "Ok, for Christmas, how about a hammerhead necklace, and a squid, and I definitely need a lobster..."

Brooke: Thanks! I've been using your blog as inspiration. Before I think of getting a new polish, I look over at your site to see if you've discussed it or not.


Scholar Style Guide said...

Yowza, legs-o-mania! I echo Liz: more of this length, please! Because I would seriously go without a haircut for a year for gams like yours.

(Is "gams" improper?)

Those shoes are flirtyfun.

- Anne-Marie

Brooke said...

aww, that's sweet! I have little-to-no fashion sense, so seeing you three looking all stylish is helping me rethink my fashion sense. I'm still not fashionable at all, but perhaps a little less unfashionable :)