Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Skirts on a Plane


Earlier Drafts:
I've worn this skirt with these boots before.
I like pairing this simple black turtleneck with colorful accessories.

black short-sleeved turtleneck (H&M)
burgandy skirt (American Eagle)
black opaque tights (Target)
boots (Dingo via Zappos)
military style jacket (Macys)

After having a blast at my cousin's wedding, I had to fly back home - a trip I blame for my recent cold.  I usually opt for a minimalist, simple look while flying, though I've tried switching it up a bit.  I'm always freezing on planes, so I normally wear jeans, long-sleeved shirts, flats, and I usually tuck socks and a cardigan in my carry-on.  This time, though, I took a cue from La Historiadora de Moda from Fashionable Academics and from Anne-Marie on trying a non-pants outfit with boots on a plane.

This skirt is comfortable, and the opaque tights are surprisingly warm.  Anne-Marie was right about the boots with socks keeping you warm - worked like a charm.  I was shocked to find that this outfit kept me warm enough to take off my jacket for almost the entire flight.  I bought it in September but hadn't had an occasion to post it before.  Though this raincoat is one of my favorite items ever - and probably garnered the most comments of any piece of clothing I've ever owned - I really wanted a simple fall jacket to just throw on for a little extra warmth.  This military style jacket is versatile, on-trend (though that's never really a selling point for me, just a coincidence), and inexpensive.  Perhaps its key selling point is that it's made of sweatshirt-type material, making it comfortable enough to fall asleep in on a plane.

Prior to my trip, I thought that this outfit would be a fine travelling ensemble, but not a great one.  However, I found it to be a comfortable, cute alternative to my normal jeans-and-a-t-shirt look.  Also, getting a sweet compliment on it from my boyfriend when he picked me up also helped convince me to consider furthering my styling choices for air travel (though I suspect he would have said it no matter what I was wearing).

  • Do you wear skirts on planes?  Boots?
  • What do you look for when purchasing jackets?
  • How important are current trends to you?


Diana said...

This is a very cute outfit! I really want to get one of those sweatshirty jackets.

I often wear skirts on planes, although my absolute favorite thing to wear on a plane is a jersey dress (no waistband! so comfy!) and leggings if it is cold. If it's not summer, I always wear boots on the plane too, but more because I have a rule to always wear my biggest shoes so I don't have to pack them. Sometimes I'll put a little pair of flats in my purse to wear if my feet get too hot.

Plummy said...

I love that jacket, the double breasted buttons are so cute! Usually when I travel I wear either a comfy dress and leggings (my outfit of choice) or jeans (if I'm traveling somewhere I wouldn't want to land while wearing a dress and leggings--this is usually when I am backpacking).
It's a funny question with jackets--I just bought a new raincoat and am eying a particular down coat currently. I always look for something I could wear for many, many years and not get tired of. This means nothing really trendy, no bizarre colors, etc. (Obviously current trends aren't super important to me) I also need it to be high quality, something that will last and do it's job.
I'm glad your trip back home went well!

Kat said...

Love this look - it's classy, a little trendy, and looks completely effortless! The coat is great, too!

Traveling I usually try for something that minimizes the hassle of stripping it all off to get through security. No belts. Nothing with laces. Flats or comfortable pumps, or boots in cold seasons (I try to follow Diana's packing rule about shoes, too). Some kind of sock or liner like this*, because my bare feet should never touch that airport floor. And I always carry a pashmina, since I can never keep warm on the plane (and it can double as a pillow if need be!).


Anonymous said...

This outfit is perfect for you- solid, darker colors, short fitted skirt.