Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In the Buff (with a Side of Americana)


Earlier Drafts:
Liz channeled Americana

red chinos, Bermuda Shorts style (Old Navy)
blue cotton peasant top (H&M)
grey blazer (Gap)
flesh-toned suede heels (Seychelles via Piperlime)
nail polish (OPI "Parlez-vous OPI?")

Advocates of nude shoes everywhere: I am a new convert to your doctrine!

Today I had intended to riff off of Liz's post on "national" style, so I had composed what I considered an Americana color scheme - red and blue, plus the peasant top has a jean look to it - with another 'national' classic - the blazer - thrown in for interest.   On my way to a haircut appointment, I donned the flesh-toned heels as an afterthought.  Let me tell you, I am convinced of their miracle-working power.

Before purchasing these shoes several weeks ago, I had discounted the advice of style sages who recommended nude heels as a necessity for every woman's wardrobe.  A skin-toned pump will elongate the leg and, what's more, will act as a true closet workhorse, they said.  I liked my patterned kicks and colorful wedges, thank you very much, and I didn't see the need to shop around for what inevitably would be the palest skin-toned sandal ever.

Then I caved.
These heels sat in my Piperlime shopping basket for three days.
I debated.
(They really won't make me look paler?)
And then I conceded.

Having only worn these sandals three times, I'm already pleased with my purchase.  I have officially identified my summer staple.  Now I know what nude shoe advocates mean when they say "nude equals neutral."  It means, "Yes, in fact, I can wear this with absolutely every item in my closet."

Which leads me to ask, what are your closet 'neutrals,' the items that pair well with anything and everything?

  • Tell us about 'em!  What are your closet 'neutrals'? 
  • Any other nude shoe success stories you'd like to share?  We're all ears!
  • What do you think of my interpretation of the Americana color scheme?  
  • I'm also wondering how the nude shoe trend acts as an extension of the nude makeup trend, which Katie alludes to here.  Does our collective fashion conscience think nude equals most beautiful?  If so, why?  Do we feel an impulse to down-play our assets or do we simply like our au naturale selves enough to gesture at them in our dressing habits?


Scholar Style Guide said...

I've been looking at nude shoes online since you mentioned pairing them with my fushia dress. I'm still not sold, but I'm thinking about it.

My pair of black leather wedges are definitely the workhorses of my shoe collection.

I'm not brave enough to pair shorts with heels yet. I like the combination in this look, though.

I'm interested in your correlation b/w nude heels and nude makeup, but I'm not sure I'm following what you're suggesting.