Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thrifting chic

Brown Top (thrifted)
Taupe Skirt (Ann Taylor Loft)
Grey Heels (Steve Madden)
Pearl Necklace (gift from husband)

I love the look of genuine vintage clothing, but I so rarely execute the look in modern ways.  This year, I'm determined to master the art of thrifting, not only because it will help me conquer my vintage styling hurdle, but also because thrifting habits suit my scholarly budget.

This outfit represents my return to the thrifting world.  The brown top, which I spotted in an out-of-town consignment boutique, is not only comfortable, but it has already proved versatile.  I've discovered multiple ways to incorporate it in my wardrobe, and it pairs just as easily with skinny jeans as it does with this wool-blend skirt.

Here I've paired the top with pieces that boast flirty details.  The skirt's lace underlayer and the shoe's ruffled T-strap, topped off with the pearl necklace, all maximize the top's vintage charm while still remaining current. Or, maybe I should pose the question to you.  Have I executed the look well?  With which items would you have paired this top?


  • How do you incorporate thrifted pieces into your wardrobe in contemporary ways?
  • What are your vintage shopping secrets?  Where and what do you buy?  Do tell!


Scholar Style Guide said...

I hope some of our readers chime in with thrifting ideas-- I like the idea of thrift shopping, but I either don't know the right stores or I don't have enough patience. If you could thrift shop online, I'd be sold!

I like the "flirty" details you've assembled in the look. And with taupe, you can do no wrong! : )