Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jet-setting style


Textured T-shirt (J.Crew)
Grey Chinos (Banana Republic)
Gold Swing Jacket (NY & Co.)
Converse Sneakers (My closet circa high school)
Green Pattern Resin Ring (Ornamental Things)
Black Labrador Retriever (A sketchy breeder in the city) 

Earlier Drafts:
gold swing jacket

In honor of Liz's conference travel this weekend, here's an outfit I recently wore while flying south to visit family. We aren't jet-setters at Scholar Style Guide, but we do enjoy a practical and photo-worthy travel ensemble.

Why do I adore this outfit?  Let me count the ways.

T-shirts are always comfy, but not always fashionable.  Since looking frumpy is always a no-go, I opted for one of J.Crew's textured tees.  Their ultra soft cotton knits give me the sensation that I'm still wrapped in my bedsheets, a feeling I appreciate while idling in an airport security line at 4:30 a.m.  Also, I had not learned to value the length of a T-shirt until I slipped into one of these.  As the owner of a long torso, I usually forgo tees because I don't enjoy pulling the shirt's lower hem over my pant's waist every five minutes.  But J.Crew's shirts hit at the ideal place at my hips.  Not too short, not too long, and perfect for layering. 

These pants.  I could disown jeans after wearing these.  I'm absolutely obsessed with the versatility of these lightweight, stretchy, putty colored chinos.  A week rarely passes when they remain on my closet shelf.  Banana Republic makes a mean petite trouser, so I'm grateful a hundred times over for a trim cut that doesn't presume short equals hip-y.  (Now don't go grumbling, you curvaceous vixens.  In my case, short equals "I look like I'm an eight year old boy.")  What's more, the fabric's subtle sheen makes it easy to dress these pants up for a night out and dress them down for navigating an airport, like I did.

I've remixed the trusty gold swing jacket.  It offered the right amount of color to contrast with the neutral grey of the T-shirt and the pants, and it kept me cozy on the chilly flights.

The Chucks, who doesn't love 'em?  Raise your hand, I dare you.

  • How do you dress for airline travel?
  • What are your favorite casual wear items?
  • Okay, seriously: do you love or hate Chucks?


Scholar Style Guide said...

I love Chucks.

I have to dress in several layers for airline travel, but I don't like super casual wear on planes. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I still feel like you shouldn't be on a plane in pajama pants (no matter how comfortable they are). And even if it's sandal weather, I pack socks for the plane. I forgot this step on Thursday and seriously regretted it.

I think you've done a great job here nailing the put-together-yet-casual dressing look that I wrote in my intro post about having difficulty capturing for myself. I never would have thought, for example, to put a pair of pants with any sheen to them with chucks, but it creates an interesting contrast. And while I am generally terrified of this mustard color you're wearing, your two posts with this coat have convinced me that it should not scare me nearly as much as it does.