Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fashion Superstition


red top (H&M)
brown trousers (Gap)
white cami (Old Navy)
black boots (Macy's)
sting ray necklace (gift from boyfriend)
watch (Fossil)

Ah, back to school time.  Today was the departmental orientation for new graduate students.  Since I got my MA at this university, I considered myself already oriented, so I wasn't planning on attending.  However, I'm co-chairing a big, annual departmental event this year, so our grad organization's president asked my co-chair and I to say something about the event.  So I spoke, and I guess technically got (re)oriented too.

I have to say, I was surprised at how long it chose me to pick out an outfit.  I couldn't decide what kind of look I wanted to put together.  Departmental orientation isn't a formal event, and I knew many people who were speaking wouldn't get very dressed up.  And, after all, I would only be talking for about 2 minutes.  I did want to make a good (and professional) impression, though, and I echo Liz in that when I want to do well at something or feel less nervous about speaking in front of people, I want to look good to feel good.

This outfit may look plain.  It is a pretty basic look - fitted tee with a camisole to prevent excessive cleavage and neutral trousers with neutral boots.  However, I really, really, really like this outfit.  Why?  I was wearing it when I found out that I got admitted to the PhD program I will be attending (well, I had on a different cami, but close enough).

I'm a big believer in fashion talismans, as we know, and I do believe in fashion superstitions.  For example, if something bad happens to me while wearing something, I'll think twice before wearing it to a similar event.  And vice versa - I look at this outfit as a lucky one, and though it is simple, it is dear in my heart.  That's not to say that every time I have a bad day I have to throw away that outfit and burn sage.  But I definitely do associate certain memories, good and bad, with certain clothing.  It sounds ridiculous, but in college, after a certain guy broke my heart, I never wore the (very distinctive) socks I was wearing that day again.  Good thing I didn't have on a pair of Christian Louboutins.

  • Do you associate good and/or bad memories with the clothing you were wearing when they happened?
  • Do you have any fashion superstitions?


Caitlin said...

Near and dear to my heart this post resonates. I believe that clothes, shoes and jewelry have special abilities to invoke memories/leave an imprint on someone's mind. I still remember what I was wearing at my first dance.

Thank you for this post!

Anna said...

I certainly feel that having certain associations with clothing can impact how we feel when we wear them again. For example, I had a string of bad luck a few years back and noticed that every bad thing happened when I was wearing a purple shirt. I promptly went through my closet and got rid of every purple thing I owned. After all those negative experiences, I'm not sure I could ever feel confident in purple again; instead, I'd just be waiting for the next bad thing to happen!

Scholar Style Guide said...

I think I've written before about how I have a dress that I believe brings good luck to couples when I wear it to their weddings. Unfortunately, it did not bring me good luck during my MA defense, so I've been trying to re-write the narrative of that dress ever since then. (Because of COURSE my items of clothing have attached narratives. They're a reason we're lit studies people.)

In fact, I'm kind of depressed that I can't remember what I was wearing when I found out I'd been accepted to the PhD. I'm jealous.

I CAN remember what I was wearing when I was dealt the most debilitating blow of my romantic life. Red v-neck 3/4 sleeve shirt that used to belong to Krista. I kind of wish I HAD been wearing Louboutins, though, because with a price tag like that, surely they can also cure a broken heart, right?! : )