Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Sentimental Romp(er)

Earlier Draft:
I wore these wedges with a pleated linen skirt that I never iron but should.  Which is ironic, because I didn't iron today's outfit either, and I should've.  These shoes must render me incapable of starching and pressing my clothing.

chambray romper (Swell, on sale!)
assorted blues beaded necklace (Talbots, gifted)
monogrammed silver bracelets (gifted)
blue wedges (Target)

Well, it took me all summer to locate a romper I liked at a decent price, and here 'tis.  Let it be known that I do not typically spend an entire season shopping for a single item; after a while, I either call off the search or purchase a version I don't particularly adore.  So this find is especially successful.  I like that this all-in-one outfit doesn't make me look too juvenile, and I also appreciate that the smocked elastic waist and bust prevent fabric puckering.  That's my principal beef with other rompers: many of them boast back zippers, a feature which causes the seams to lay oddly across my lower back and booty.  Earlier this summer, Katie and Liz wrote about their one-and-done look of choice: the cotton jersey dress.  My one-and-done pick?  This comfy over-/cover-all derivative. 

Good thing the temperatures will remain high for a few more weeks; this garment will have more wear time.  The weather's rewarding my unusual shopping sobriety with delayed gratification, I'm pretty sure.

Yesterday I wore this outfit to run errands, the most important of which was mailing a care package to my youngest sibling, my college freshman sister.  She began classes yesterday, and, from what I can tell, she's enjoying herself far too much to bother updating me.  This is a good thing.  Even though I'm teary-eyed that she's so suddenly grown-up, I'm excited for the growing-up experiences she'll have over the next four years.  Ten bucks and a bottle of nail polish say she's not thinking about books right now, but even so, I hope she'll catch the learning bug for a subject she loves and grow to find higher education positively delicious.  My time in graduate school, learning among talented educators, and my short months of interacting with you thoughtful blogreaders have convinced me that more than a few of my sister's professors will feel just as you do: energized by the new school year's potential.  And I'm equally confident their excitement will be contagious.

  • Has your shopping endurance paid off this summer?  Tell us about your purchases!
  • For nostalgia's sake, what's your favorite back-to-school outfit ever?  Here's mine: a floral-printed pink tunic tee, coordinating leggings, pink lace-up Keds, and a Princess Jasmine bookbag.  Topped off with a side ponytail.  Third grade, baby.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving this! :) You look amazing in a romper!

It's something I really can't pull off. I don't know if it's a body thing or a confidence thing {or a bit of both}, but you are like a romper model!

<3 KP


Scholar Style Guide said...

Thanks, Sadie's Momma! :) I looked not-so-fabulous in every other romper I tried on, please know. It's a fickle type of garment, I think. Definitely not fail-safe, and therefore likely not permanent on the fashion scene. At least, I have doubts. Do you think the trend will carry over into next spring/summer? Just in case it fizzles out, I'm glad I only paid sale price for this one.


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

oh my gosh, this is SO cute! i, too, have wanted a romper for the longest time, but haven't found the perfect one.
i'm so glad your search was successful!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Although I think this romper looks fantastic on you, I have to say that this is one trend that I hope dies away quickly.

I hope your sister had a great first day of school!

Scholar Style Guide said...

This year is the first time my little sister has NOT gone back to school. Her being in college felt weird enough, but now that she's finished, I just feel super old!

I like this romper on you, as well, and I like the way you've styled it kind of monochromatically. Mostly I have been admiring this style on girls who have a little more junk in the trunk than we have here at SSG, so I'm impressed that you found one that suits you so well. But what's going on with the top? It looks like it's pulling your bra down a little. (Yes, I clicked to enlarge.)

I've had trouble fitting these because my torso is so short. I have been surprised at how great they look on other girls, though, so I'm happy to see the trend stick around.


Scholar Style Guide said...

Thanks, guys!

Liz, you're right about the bra. The smocking is surprisingly snug at the top, and in these photos I wore a classic VS strapless bra. I'm planning to try my self-adhesive bra next time. You might also be noticing the natural cut of the fabric, because it looks similar on the Swell model:


I actually don't mind it. I need all the volume I can get in the bust region. :)


Scholar Style Guide said...

And I forgot to say, it's a tie between:

a pink striped Osh Kosh skirt/overalls/jumper, constructed out of conductor-style denim with white t-shirt and pink jellies

black guess? shorts, white t-shirt with hot pink and black guess? logo, with hot pink and white slouch socks (alternated colors, natch) and hot pink and black LA Gears

My young, stylish aunt used to take me shopping every year for my back to school outfit. Then I was completely lost without her for about 10 years there in between.