Thursday, August 5, 2010

Plane Jane


Earlier Drafts:I'm basically obsessed with these wedges.

white tank top (Old Navy)
long navy shorts (the Limited)
coral cardigan (Target)
green ruffled t-strap wedges (Steve Madden)
silver flats (Payless)

Oh air travel, an anxiety provoking and stylistically challenging venture.  I know that Anne Marie has tackled this topic previously, but here's my spin on it.  I'm about to head off on my last journey of the summer - a short family vacation.  I have to admit, I am a recently reformed poor plane dresser.  Meaning that I generally wore t-shirts, flip flops, and the occasional pair of sweatpants (gasp!) while flying.  However in recent times, particularly since starting this blog, I've put more thought into my travel clothes.  This trip's composition nicely encapsulates my attempts to reform and reorient my travel wardrobe.

I think that my general style philosophy of keeping it simple and classic works perfectly for travel.  Tried and true shapes and silhouettes keep things comfortable but still effortlessly composed.  Normally I wear pants on planes since I tend to be cold, but considering the oppressive heat overwhelming SSG Headquarters, I knew that I would wilt even just wearing pants on the way to the airport.  These longer shorts (do they qualify as capris?) work as a nice compromise.  The white tank will work for the airport journey, and the coral cardi adds feminine flair while providing a utilitarian service.

Now my dilemma lies in the shoes (naturally).  Flats are my airport staple.  Easy to slip on and off for security, just as comfortable as flip flops, but more put together.  But after seeing Anne Marie's bold decision to travel in heels, I really wanted to try it out.  I love the way the wedges make my legs look great while adding more color to the look.  So I might chicken out and throw on my go-to silver flats.  I'll update you all on the final decision.

  • What kind of shoes do you travel in?
  • How does your wardrobe change for different kinds of travel - car, bus, plane, train, etc.?
  • What are your travel staples?


Katie from Interrobangs Anonymous said...

The pink and green do look very, very cute together. However, I think I'd still vote for the flats (but seeing as how that's all I wear, I may be a bit biased...).

I'm all about the jersey dresses for any sort of travel. They don't wrinkle, I can slouch, wiggle about, and snooze to my heart's content without any seams or bands cutting into me, and they're just so comfortable, which is a must for travel.

I also recommend a big scarf - it looks cute, it can become a blanket, and if it gets chilly you can wear it as an extra layer.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

My sartorial choices for flying are very much informed by the fact that I always freeze on airplanes. I usually do a dress, tights, cardi combo. My feet tend to swell on long flights, so I usually opt for comfy flats.

Scholar Style Guide said...

I also have to dress in layers on planes. Normally I'm freezing in the air, but is it just me, or have they stopped controlling the temperature when the plane's sitting at the gate? I can go from practically sweating to freezing during the transition from gate to liftoff. I tend to do the same thing in cars, too. I actually think that I still have a pair of socks kicking around in the bottom of my purse from the last roadtrip we took-- I like to wear sandals out in the heat, but especially with the a/c on, I like to have socks. Even if I'm wearing, like, tights on the plane, I might put socks over the top in transit. So while comfort is obviously key, I must also feel like I look cute while traveling because I see so many women in the airport wearing killer ensembles that I don't want to be the slubby one bringing down the fashion vibe.

I like how the pink sweater adds some oomph to this otherwise neutral outfit! I clicked to enlarge and see that it has some sort of detailing down the middle which adds visual interest, too. And is that pamplona purple on your nails? I love how that looks with the pink and navy, as well!


annelise said...

I'm impressed you went for heels! I know I always look better in heels, but as someone who commutes by walking or via public transit, I can't ever manage them unless I'm driving.

A dress and a cardigan are my travel staples...and coincidentally my daily staples. :-)