Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Bruise; alternately titled, Copycat


Earlier Drafts:
This dress is one of my summer staples.
I often wear this cardigan around the department.

purple cardigan (Marshalls)
blue dress (Target)
purple tights (Hue)
pumpkin Mary Janes (Seychelles)

Today I finally decided to dress up my favorite summer dress for fall.  I wear this simple blue cotton dress all the time in the summer, and I wore it in September with these cowboy boots.  This time, I decided to pair them with my recently purchased grape-purple tights and an eggplant-purple cardigan.  I call it my "bruise" look because of the color palate.  I like how the dark hues all fall in the same section of the color wheel: the colorful darkness (if that makes sense) feels good for November. 

Originally, I had envisioned this outfit with the aforementioned cowboy boots, but when I tried them on, they just looked off.  I still wanted that lighter neutral on my feet, so I pulled out my new Mary Janes, a shoe style I love.  Seychelles calls this color "Saddle Tan," but I think of it more as pumpkin.  I find that these shoes can function as an orange-y color and as a neutral, depending on the look.

These shoes may look familiar and for a good reason: they were Liz's first purchase after her shopping hiatus.  I loved her blue shoes, and I've trying to shore up more of a teaching wardrobe before spring.  In particular, I need some cute, teaching-friendly heels, and after seeing these ones (I actually didn't realize that they were the same ones at first), I bought this pair in a different color.  This isn't the first time two of us on SSG have owned the same pair of shoes: Liz and Anne-Marie own the same pair of snake print shoes, again in different colors.  Anne-Marie and I don't own the same boots, but they're very close.

I think that Liz, Anne-Marie, and I have relatively different styles, but we definitely overlap in certain areas.  It's always interesting when we're attracted to similar pieces.  For more on (all over) copycat looks, see Style Underdog and In Professorial Fashion.

  • How similar is your style to that of your friends, colleagues, and/or co-bloggers?
  • Do you own any of the same pieces as your friends, colleagues, and/or co-bloggers?
  • What's your favorite summer piece to "fall up"?