Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hair Metamorphosis

emerald short-sleeved sweater (Merona)
marigold swing jacket (NY&Co)
grey pleated shorts (F21)
black sheer tights (?)
black suede wedges (DKNYC)
nail color (OPI "You Don't Know Jacques!")

marigold suede bag (gifted)
jeweled brooch (Macy's) 

Today's visit to the salon reminded me of the transformative power of dyed and chopped locks.  I haven't dramatically altered my hairstyle since last Thanksgiving, when I asked my stylist to hack away at my then-shoulder-length curls.  Since that fateful chop, I've hovered around Bob-cut territory, sometimes requesting near-pixie looks, and sometimes declaring "growing out" periods (which never lasted longer than a month).  When I sought her advice on remedying this hair ambivalence, my friend Caitlin of Frosting and Bows (who has known me and my hair since the second grade) suggested that I dye my blonde head red.  Auburn, really.  I wanted to heed her advice, I sincerely did, which is why I dabbled in cinnamon weeks ago.  (Didya notice?  It was subtle.)  Alas, I couldn't muster the courage for even a semi-permanent hue.

But today, without specific intention, I took the plunge back into a Bobbed 'do and full-on into auburn.  More like, I fell into auburn accidentally.  See, I snapped these photos earlier today before scooting out to what was supposed to be a "quick trim."  I had aimed to post about cold weather shorts:
I hadn't prepared for a hair transformation.  However, a few snips and a spontaneous bottle of allover color later, and I'm suddenly an inductee to both the Bangs and Redhead Clubs.  Spice o' life, I tell you.  Spice o' life.

  • What's the boldest hairstyle you've ever tried?  The most spontaneous?
  • What factors usually prompt you to change hairstyles?  Relationships, career moves, geographic moves, new exercise regimens, or something else?
  • I've heard it said that older women typically model their hairstyles after those of their favorite life phases.  Do you think this theory holds water?  If so, what have been your favorite life phases, and what did your hair look like during these times?


orchidsinbuttonholes said...

I love the color and the cut! Such a great shape for your bone structure, and the color is so warm and spicy. Plus, it looks really healthy. I love it! I'm in desperate need of a haircut, so you're giving me the nudge I need to make an appointment.

And I love the mustard yellow with that green shirt. Such a chic, sassy look that goes fantastically with your new 'do!

Diana said...

The haircut/color is fabulous and goes so well with all of the great autumnal colors you're wearing. Welcome to the redhead club! (Mine is dyed red too - my natural color is black, and I think chopping off my previously waist length hair and having it dyed red was probably my most drastic hair move... granted, that was almost 8 years ago, and it's been short and some shade of red ever since, but I still love it! I took the initial plunge because I wanted a change, and because a bunch of big things had just happened - in fact, I went to the hairstylist the day after I took and passed my qualifying exam.)

Anonymous said...

As a long time lurker, I had to comment for the first time and tell you that your haircut is great! I liked your old hairstyle too but I'm really loving this one. As another has said, I think I'll also take the plunge and finally get a haircut.
I also love the blue (-green?)and yellow. And the shorts for fall!

Scholar Style Guide said...

UM, SHOCK. That's my reaction. As one who has difficulty adjusting to these kinds of drastic changes, I feel like I need to see the cut a few more times before I really know what to say. I definitely applaud the spontaneous experimentation, though, and I think I'll like it once I get used to it!

You didn't say what you think, though-- do you recognize yourself? Is this the change you were going for? Does it feel more fun? I think that's my reaction. It looks fun.

I love the outfit, too, and am glad to see these wedges back after a long hiatus!

And hi, longtime lurker! Good to hear from you!


Scholar Style Guide said...

And also your arms look ripped.


Anne said...

Your new 'do looks so good! The color is great (I'd love to be a redhead, but it's SO much maintenance, so I'll just enjoy it vicariously through you), and I think bangs look wonderful with your face shape.

I recently chopped my hair too - only a few inches, but I think it looks pretty different. Mainly I wanted a change and something that would be easier to maintain, but I have lost some weight so with the new haircut and some new clothes, there are definitely days that I feel like I just stepped off of a makeover show.

Plummy said...

You look cute! Also, I love those shorts! My boldest move was chopping off my hair to a bob and dying it dark brunette (I'm blonde). That lasted for about six months, and then it was a trial and a half to get it back to around my natural color. Now I'm growing it out, and I'm determined to keep going! I am usually like you, and say I'm going to grow it out...and then a month later chop it very short. It was short for some of high school and all of college, so I'm having fun with the relative long length it's gotten to.

Scholar Style Guide said...

Welcome to the redhead club! (Well, I'm really only a pseudo-redhead, but I like to pretend I'm a real one)

I had the same SHOCK reaction as Liz, and I want to see it in person, but I like it, especially the added spice. Your hair looks vintage, if that makes sense. It just makes me think you should have a flapper dress on and be at a speakeasy. And I mean this all in a good way - it suits you.

Also, you and E. from academichic always make mustard look so fabulous that I really want to wear it, though it doesn't suit me at all.


Scholar Style Guide said...

Thanks for the compliments! Those who mentioned needing haircuts, why does it feel like Hair Limbo lately? I was feeling the exact same way until yesterday: itching for a change, yet unsure about the exact change I wanted. This time I deferred to my stylist, requesting only that she "spice it up." She sure did!

Thanks for reading -- and commenting! -- Longtime Lurker. :)

Liz, to answer your question, I really like my new 'do! Dramatic changes in appearance are fun for me, especially since I grow bored of looks quickly. (I had short blonde hair for a full year -- that's some kind of record for me!) Plus, I've been meaning to experiment with both bangs and red color. Why not try them simultaneously?

Plummy, I'd love to see photos of your brunette phase! In undergrad I had a brief stint as a brunette, and, like you, dying my hair back went roughly at best. I don't regret it though: now every other hair experiment seems minor by comparison. :)

To you fellow mustard lovers, if I make the color look half as good as you say, then credit goes to you. I've been lurking around your blogs, falling in love with the hue right along with you!

Thanks for reading, all!

Brooke said...

Anne-Marie, lovely hair change!! That us such a fun color, and the bangs look great on you (you look so much like your sister!). What a nice change, and perfect for the cold weather too.

Loving the outfit - great color combinations and the swing coat is so fun!

Nancy said...

Blondes have more fun but redheads have the MOST fun! Have a fabulous time with the new colour. It looks fabulous! And just might be the little push I need to try out bangs myself. :)

Between Laundry Days said...

Gah! Teal and mustard is my favorite color combination! I love this.