Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Embracing Color


Earlier Draft:
I wore this dress with different accessories at my friend's rehearsal dinner.
I used these shoes to talk about high heels being my fashion talisman.

yellow and pink beaded dress (Catherine Malandrino)
pink belt (came with a dress from H&M)
pink heels (Bakers)

This weekend, I attended my cousin's wedding.  In choosing a dress, I vacillated between three different dresses, before settling on this one.  One was this blue dress that previously malfunctioned before another cousin's wedding (the zipper problem has since been fixed).  The second was this black and red floral number that I wore to another friend's rehearsal dinner, which I ended up packing as a back-up.  However, I wanted to take this colorful number for another spin.  Considering the wedding was in a slightly warmer climate and knowing the couple's style, I thought that this dress would work well even for a fall wedding.

Last time, I paired the dress with a black belt and black shoes, going more neutral in accessorizing this already very colorful dress.  This time, though, I decided to just embrace color and add more pink.  I really like how the shoes looked with the dress, and I think I'll use this combination in the future.  As for the belt, I think this raspberry-pink looked better than the black, but it still wasn't quite right.  I'm not entirely sure what width and color would look best.  Oddly, the dress didn't come with a belt, though I think it looks odd without one, though maybe it would look fine unbelted on someone with a less curvy body type.  Still, though, I think the shape of the dress calls for something to define the waist.  Thoughts?

During this stressful, crunch time of the semester, it was really fun to get all dolled up, have fun with family, and dance a bit.  Here's wishing all of you some stress-releasing fun!

  • How would you style this dress?
  • Does getting dressed up make you feel good during stressful times or do you just want to wear comfortable clothes?
  • What do you normally wear to weddings?


Scholar Style Guide said...


I think the belt is great color-wise. I love how the pink heels and belt draw attention to the beading at the neckline. Plus you know I'm a sucker for anything belted.

Maybe the belt's problem was its construction? I know the dress it came from, which is a stretchy jersey, so it looks like you may not have gotten the structure from the belt that you wanted.

I think I'd try it with a slightly skinnier leather belt in a light warm metallic hue (rose gold, muted yellow gold, warm-ish silver). I've actually been looking for a belt like this for myself because I think it would be super versatile. But here, I think it might achieve the waist-defining aspect you're looking for while drawing even more attention to the beaded neckline. I'm thinking of something like Krista's wearing here:

But I still think it looks great as-is. I hope you feel relaxed and recharged after the wedding weekend and ready to get through this semester's home stretch! I also like to have a reason to get dressed UP for an event when I'm feeling overwhelmed.


Anonymous said...

Belt & shoes are a great fit for the dress, color-wise. But I think the belt makes the top of the dress too boxy/billowy to flatter you. Maybe a slimmer cut would enhance more.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I might get the dress tailored rather than belt it.

Plummy said...

Hmm...I love the color of those shoes, first of all! They are very cute with the dress and add some fun to the outfit. I think the belt is ok, but not great. I'm wondering if the pink belt is coming across as too strong, between the color and the width? Perhaps a skinner belt, or a neutral toned belt? (or both skinnier and neutral!) Black would be too harsh, but perhaps a nice taupe, or gray...(I'm such a sucker for neutrals, lol)

I actually recently did a post on how I use clothing both to express how I feel as well as to shape how I feel--it's an interesting balance!

BiblioMOMia said...

I think the best part of this outfit is how you shaped your decision--how it somehow reminded you of the couple and their style. So often I think we forget that aspect of dressing for an event--the part in which we're a guest. We tend to see style as a personal decision--which it certainly is--but it's also a social choice. Kudos--I bet the bright colors really helped to celebrate their joy!

And those pink heels are killer. I'm a bit obsessed with classic pumps in bright colors--those are fantastic!

A-Dubs said...

Oooh! I love those sweet shoes, and I love how you've taken a walk on the lotsa colour side in this version of this fun dress. I've got an H&M dress that requires belting, too - though mine's not nearly as awesome as yours. Why don't they at least give us one belt to begin with so we don't have to cast about for something waist defining?

'Looking forward to the next iteration of this lovely piece.