Friday, November 19, 2010



Earlier Drafts:
Liz and I both own these shoes, though in different colors.

blue cashmere sweater (Saks, on sale)
jeans (Marshalls)
pumpkin Mary Janes (Seychelles)
glasses (Jill Stuart)

Naturally, since we're in the busiest, most inconvenient part of the semester, I'm sick.  Despite fortifying myself with more vitamin C than even the scurviest sailor needs, I'm still ill, though admittedly not as bad as it could be - with the exception of yesterday, spent sleeping, dosing myself with orange juice, tea, and Sudafed, and then sleeping again, I've been functional, just uncomfortable.  Today, I had to pull myself out of yesterday's lovely ensemble of pjs to help moderate a professionalization session related to my big department service obligation this year.  I had a cute swingy skirt look put together in my head - I'm with E. over at academichic on loving skirts with movement - but my body physically rejected this look.  It wanted back in the pjs.  So I had to put together something more comfortable, but still acceptably professional.

Since it's a Friday afternoon, dark wash skinnies would do fine for pants.  These jeans are pretty stretchy, and thus are super comfortable.  I wanted heels to up the professional quotient, so I put on these pumpkin (or tan?) Mary Janes, which, despite being new, have quickly risen to the top of my comfy heels list.  For a top, I considered a classic button down or another top with more structure.  Again, though, I wanted something comfortable (Note: I realize that I keep repeating that word in this post, but really, "comfort" was my focus).  I pulled out this lightweight cashmere sweater, which is so soft it's more like a marshmellow hug than a top (that sentence proves that I'm not feeling well).  I completely agree with Sal at Already Pretty that cashmere is fabulous for winter, and I will definitely be seeking out more of it.  Obviously, on a graduate student budget, this fabric is not necessarily the most economical purchase, but as Sal points out, there are different price points for it, and I think that's cashmere sweaters (and scarves) are great investment pieces. 

Despite not feeling 100%, I still need to get in gear for the end of term, and this outfit successfully tricked my body into thinking it was still in bed, watching the occasional episode of "Arrested Development" between naps, while allowing me to be productive.

  • What do you wear when you're not feeling well but still have professional obligations?
  • Any tips for getting better/preventing illness?  I've heard about eating raw garlic, but haven't tried it.  Can anyone weigh in on it or offer some other advice?


Dr. Da said...

I have found an insane amount of 1005 pure cashmere sweaters at Goodwill and the Salvation Army thrift store for under $4. So if you have the time to search (which I realize time is precious to grad students) cashmere can be found on any budget.

BiblioMOMia said...

I've been "collecting" cashmere since middle school. The sweaters I wear the most last 3-4 years, but many of them last 7-10, with proper care. I wouldn't live through winter without them!

Plummy said...

I am still hunting for the perfect cashmere goodwill find--goodwill hunting is popular around here, so cashmere is usually snatched up right away! You definitely have motivated me to keep looking though!

Scholar Style Guide said...

Hope you've been feeling better since you posted! I drink lots and lots of fluids in addition to taking extra vitamin C if I'm starting to feel sick. I also try to sleep at least an hour extra or give myself a nap, too.

I have a series of outfits that are super comfortable yet presentable, and I rely on those when I'm not feeling too great. I actually like dressing up when I'm sick because it makes me feel better psychologically. Laying around in sweats makes me feel like I'm giving in or something. I tend to go for jersey dresses over pants ensembles, though I also agree that a dark wash jean can go a long way toward balancing comfort and style.

I am intrigued by the comments about cashmere. I own a few winter hats and scarves that are cashmere blends because I don't like to have wool around my neck, and I love those, but I haven't splurged to pay for a cashmere sweater. I think that if I did, a black cashmere cardigan might be my first purchase since this is a pretty timeless item that I could see myself wearing forever.