Friday, May 7, 2010

Dressing for University Commencement II


blue cotton dress (BB Dakota by Jack via ModCloth)
orange peep-toe heels (Anne Klein via Macy's)
assorted wooden and enamel jewelry (thrifted)

On Wednesday I shared the first tentative outfit for my brother's university commencement.  Today, I'm test-driving the second tentative ensemble for tomorrow's affair.

With this look I've departed from not only the first outfit's subdued grey and pink color scheme, but I've also departed from my usual insistence on minimal accessories

As for my first departure, I've embraced with this look a Two-Thirds Color Scheme.  As the ladies of Academichic explain, Two-Thirds schemes combine hues that are equidistant from each other on the color wheel.  Although, depending on your categorization of the particular shades of blue and orange featured in my outfit, you might even consider this a Complementary Color Scheme.  How do you qualify this combination?

As for my second departure, I've experimented with Liz's over-styling versus under-styling categories.  Normally, I wouldn't wear bracelets and earrings simultaneously, nor would I wear them with a coordinating shoe, but I do enjoy the related punches of orange.  I own an orange beaded enamel necklace, but I ultimately determined that wearing it along with the other accessories would relegate this look to the over-styled category.  How would you qualify my use of accessories?

On another note: given the rainy forecast, I considered donning pants and flats for the primarily outdoors, albeit sheltered, event.  However, Liz's recent post on wearing skirts in rainy weather has inspired me to abandon the pants plan and give my legs a chance to, erm, brave the elements.

  • How do you categorize this color combination, as a Two-Thirds Scheme or a Complementary Scheme?
  • What's your take on my use of accessories?  Does the outfit call for more or less?
  • And, ultimately, which outfit should I wear for tomorrow's affair?  Wednesday's look or today's?


Those Tricks said...

I love those heels.
Adding a belt would pull it all together perfectly for me.
In the same palette as the shoes - a brown, rust or something.


Brooke said...

Oh my goodness that dress is ADORABLE!!

Scholar Style Guide said...

Thanks, guys! I think you're right about adding a belt. Next time, I'll throw on a camel-tone belt to break up the blue. Thanks for the tip :)

- Anne-Marie

interrobangsanon said...

That dress is a gorgeous palate, and I'd argue that the navy functions as a neutral. Therefore, I think you can go heavier on the accessories than you would on a "busier" dress.

Also, wearing earrings, a bracelet and shoes that all complement each other creates a line down your body that the eye can follow. Earrings, a necklace and a brooch would have been too much too close, but spacing them out like this is perfect, and it doesn't overwhelm your frame.

e. of academichic said...

Ooh, I love me an orange pump! It's a little hard to tell shades in the picture, but I would tend to agree that the navy dress functions as a neutral-of-interest. What a fun, spunky spring outfit.

Scholar Style Guide said...

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

Interrobangsanon and e., I like the idea of treating the blue dress as a neutral. It would definitely open up a world of styling possibilities!

- Anne-Marie