Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fashion "Rules"


white, yellow, black floral print dress (Macy's)
black sandals (DSW)

Well, spring is here, and it is gorgeous.  In honor of the lovely weather, I wore this dress.  I like the shape of the neckline, and the belted waist gives it a nice shape.  I usually don't wear much yellow - not really my color - but last year, I had an obsession with finding a yellow dress.  This one caught my eye because it had just enough yellow to satisfy my craving, but not enough to horribly clash with my skin tone and hair.

This dress has a cooler look due to the white background and the material (it's linen, so please excuse the wrinkles - I took the picture at the end of the day), nice for the warm weather we're experiencing.  However, by wearing white on May 5, I did break the "no white except between Memorial Day and Labor Day" fashion rule.  Now, I've always thought that any strict fashion guidelines like that are meant to be broken, and as I understand it, they are more flexible depending on your regional affiliations (Anne-Marie, care to comment?).  I've never had a problem wearing white after Labor Day, and I even wonder if people nowadays still take these "rules" into account.

  • What fashion "rules" do you disregard?  What, if any, fashion "rules" do you follow?
  • What new fashion "rules" would you write?


Scholar Style Guide said...

As someone who embraces linen and its wrinkles, I affirm your purportedly premature donning of this sort-of white dress! In my opinion, the fabric overrides the color. Linen works in spring and summer, ergo wear it in all colors whenever possible.

You know, I've lately noticed some blatant breaking of fashion rules like these in the south. Which makes me wonder if the rest of the fashion world broke them a long time ago? (Eegads! I just made a judgment I do not entirely agree with!) I will say that the day I learned one COULD wear black with brown actually changed my life.


Scholar Style Guide said...

Who could blame you for wanting to wear that dress all year round? I could even see it working with black tights and a black cardigan in winter. Then again, I don't really rotate my clothes seasonally, so perhaps I'm not the one to ask.

I generally feel my skin begin to crawl at the mention of "fashion rules," but the one I come closest to following is, "If you feel good in it, wear it."


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Interestingly, thechemist-coture and I actually got into a debate over weather or not the white line is at Memorial Day or Easter. I say Memorial Day. He says Easter.

I don't think that it breaks the rule even if you wanted to follow it. It's not a white dress.