Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Game Face Garments

taupe cotton short-sleeved top (thrifted from early college)
linen cropped jacket (Gap via my sister's closet)
dark wash skinny jeans (Forever 21 via my sister's closet)
blue gladiator sandals (MIA via Piperlime)

Today I'm dressing for a two hour exam period and a few additional hours of library research.  I want to feel comfortable enough to cozy up in a desk chair, yet empowered enough to compose a stellar in-class essay.

On days like today, stretch-cotton jeans are a must for me.  They keep me warm in chilly classrooms but allow me to traipse up and down library aisles and all about campus.  Layering garments and donning flat shoes are also requirements, for similar reasons.  Physical comfort is a good thing indeed.

I'm also wearing these articles of clothing in the hope that they will empower me in other, more emotional, ways.  These pieces hold sentimental value for me.  The top is one of my closet all-stars, for it has seen me through multiple excursions abroad and now six years of scholarly pursuits.  It's looking a little threadbare, I admit, but I refuse to part with it.  It has helped me navigate foreign metro systems, deliver presentations on Romantic poets, and endure scathing advising sessions.  Today I'm taking it for one last academic joyride, and I'm crossing my fingers it radiates smartypants vibes.

The jacket and jeans belong to my sister, and I'm wearing them simply because she's a determined soul and I'm hoping she rubs off on me.  Both garments have sustained her through a few adventures of her own (maybe you'd like to elaborate, Emmy?), so wearing them reminds me to emulate her gumption.  (That's a great word, isn't it, gumption?) 

These are my feel good, can-do clothes.  Tell me about yours!

  • What do you wear when you put your Game Face on, so to speak?
  • Tell me about the threadbare, well-loved items in your wardrobe!  How long have you owned them, where did you buy them, and during which major events have you worn them?
  • Do you borrow clothing from friends or family for sentimental reasons?  How do those pieces make you feel, and what memories do they hold for you?


Scholar Style Guide said...

I absolutely agree that what you wear can make a difference on test performance! One of my beloved high school English teachers practically required us to dress up on test days because we would take ourselves more seriously and thus perform better on the test. I think it worked, even if it was just a psychological technique. I also like wearing layers for tests because I get distracted if I'm too hot or too cold. Hope your test went well!

I love this top and can see why it has gotten a lot of wear. The blue dress I wore to my defense is a similar item for me: I bought it for my rehearsal dinner, wore it on my honeymoon, and have worn it to a whole bunch of showers and weddings since. And my sister has borrowed it multiple times, too, so that adds to the sentimental value of it- in fact, she wore it to my second marriage reception, so it was worn at almost every event affiliated with my wedding! (and unbeknownst to either of us, she bought the same dress in a different cut and color for my rehearsal dinner, so we were coordinated)

This detail I am slightly embarrassed to admit, but I really do think I am giving good luck to the couple by wearing that dress to their wedding/shower.


Scholar Style Guide said...

When I was waiting to see if I got into a PhD program, I dressed really sloppily for awhile. I was so stressed out and busy that I couldn't even bring myself to do my hair properly. Then, finally, I hit my limit. I wanted to feel good about myself, so I put on dress pants and one of my favorite shirts that sucks in my stomach and tastefully highlights my chest. I styled my hair and carefully did my make-up. I felt better than I had in weeks. And I got in :)
For me, it's all about looking put together, but also structured, which is unusual for me, I think. I normally like really feminine clothing, but when I'm gearing up to kick some ass, I like more structure and lines.

I borrow my mom's jewelry and bags all the time when I'm home, and sometimes her clothes. I wish that she didn't have freakishly tiny feet so I could borrow/steal her shoes - she has a great collection of Ferragamos from her working days.