Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dressing Your Best Week: Curves, Calves, and Coloring


blue and green dress (Macy's)
tan heels (Steve Madden)
car (my roommate's...not intentionally part of the outfit; side-effect of my poor photography planning)

As part of Academichic's Dress Your Best Week, I'm happy to offer up this outfit.  While thinking about the parts of my body that I want to celebrate, I came up with this list and the reasons why:

1) Curves
Contrary to popular belief, I did not always have a very curvy body.  I was flat as a board with no hips well into high school.  Around age 16 or 17, my body started to develop.  I went from lamenting my lack of womanly attributes to celebrating them before quickly realizing the problems they presented - I simply into certain styles of clothing or could not wear clothes from specific stores because they were incompatible with my body.  I may fill out clothing well, but sometimes I fill it out a little too much.  With my curves, particularly my chest, there's a fine line between looking curvy and cute and looking inappropriate.  However, despite my wrangling with finding appropriate styles and despite any societal connotations about curves (side note: why has "curvy" become a synonym for "fat" in certain circles?  discussion for another time), I love my body.  It makes me feel feminine, but also powerful.

2) Calves
Liz wrote a great post about legs here, and I know other bloggers have addressed this topic too.  I'm lucky to have a genetic predisposition to well-defined calf muscles.  My mother has always had great legs, and my calves generally have a good shape, and they tone up really easily.

3) Eyes and 4) Hair color and 5) Freckles
I'm the outsider of my family, coloring-wise.  My entire immediately family has very dark brown hair and brown eyes.  I have deep blue eyes and pseudo-red hair.  I have one grandparent on either side of my family with those traits, so I clearly inherited the recessive genes.  My hair has brown, blonde, and red tones in it, and depending on the lighting, it takes on one of those colors.  Usually, it has more of a red hue, especially combined with my freckles. 

Though most of the posts thus far have highlighted one or two aspects, I wanted to think of an outfit that at least marginally captured all of these attributes.  I chose this dress because the blue and green would bring out my eyes and my hair color (which, as I said, I think the freckles naturally add to).  The tie at the waist emphasizes my chest and the curviness of my body without being in any way scandalous.  Finally, the dress hits around the knee, showing off my calves, which I further highlighted with a slight heel.

  • Are you curvy?  What do you love about it?  What do you dislike about it? 
  • How do you dress for your coloring?  I want to write a post about this soon, so please give me some suggestions and ideas, or if you've written about it, please send me a link!
  • I'm going to steal Liz's prompt because it's a good one: What are some of your favorite posts from DYBW so far?  I'm deep in the middle of final papers right now, so I don't have as much time to surf around as I'd like, though I do plan on going back and looking at more next week.


Interrobangs Anonymous said...

That dress is GORGEOUS, and you look stunning in it. Keeping the accessories to a minimum really lets your figure shine though.

p.s. Is that dress a recent purchase, 'cause I think there's a space in my closet it would fill nicely...

She Spys said...

I actually talked about my curves in Dress Your Best Week. The general theme was the adjustment then acceptence and resulting love that I have for them!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i love that dress--you look super pretty!

Scholar Style Guide said...

IA I sure hope that's a new dress because, if it's not, I'd like to know why I've never seen it IRL!!! : )

Katie, you look awesome! I wish I had any single item in my closet that simultaneously celebrated all my favorite features. I can also imagine dressing it up for a wedding or wearing it with cute flats to the office in the summer.


Scholar Style Guide said...

Katie, I cannot get over how great your legs look! That dress was made for you.


Academichic said...

More love for this really fabulous dress! I am not curvy, but I would like to believe that a dress like that one could help me fake it on occasion. :)

- E.