Monday, May 24, 2010

Dual Functions


purple top (Marshall's)
jeans (Marshall's)
silver flats (Payless)

Classes are over (woo!), but I'm working at the office through July.  The grad assistant dress code is a bit murky - we obviously must look presentable, but I occasionally forgo my business casual attire in favor of jeans.  Now that it's summer there are far fewer people around the building, so with less people to impress, I wore this outfit today.

I think dark wash jeans are always a classic, low key opening to pair with virtually anything.  I love these silver flats because they always add a little shimmer to an outfit, also nice for transitioning from day to night.  The focal point of the outfit, the top, is a flowy top with purple, pink, and blue tones in it.  It ties behind at the waist, highlighting the smallest part of my body.

I wore this blouse today because I've been thinking about SSG's participation in Dress Your Best week.  I absolutely love the idea of specifically dressing to emphasize what you love about your body rather than trying to hide any perceived "flaws."  While thinking about this project, I realized that, for me, the two concepts often go hand-in-hand.  Take this top for example.  It has the dual function of showcasing my hourglass figure, but not in an obvious way, and making me look smaller by cinching at the waist while the flowing fabric hides my stomach, which I consider one of my "problem areas."  I never consciously think that I have to "hide" anything on my body, but when I consider looks that flatter my assets, I find that they often minimize parts I'm not so interested in showing off.

  • Do you find that your clothes both highlight and minimize?  Or do you specifically dress to do one or the other?
  • What's your professional dress code?


Scholar Style Guide said...

Everyone should click the photo on the left to see it enlarged, because I love this top! I really like the square neckline on you in addition to the waist-cinching feature.

I tend to dress to highlight my best features. I think this aligns with my personality, actually, because I believe I'm more prone to focusing on the positive than dwelling on the negative. I do like your observation that highlighting strengths also functions to minimize insecurities.