Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let's talk about lace, baby.

Earlier Drafts:
These nude suede heels are in my regular shoe rotation for both summer and fall.

black oversized vest (Calvin Klein)
cream lace-like dress (Charlotte Russe, thrifted via Plato's Closet)
grey stone necklace (gifted)
nude suede heels (Seychelles)

My second attempt at thrifting proved more successful than my last.  Your tips helped!  I didn't peek at price tags and paid more attention to fits.  Along the way, I scored this cream shift/babydoll dress hybrid.  I imagine it will work as well with nubby brown tights and knee-high boots as it does here with bare legs and peep-toe heels.  Transitional wear is the name of the game.

In honor of my latest find, I had prepared a spiel about all things lace.  Specifically, I had attempted to dissect my own attraction to it.  Forget Marie Claire's fall forecast or Venus Williams' daring French Open ensemble.  (Interesting social commentary embedded there, for sure.)  Why do I continue reaching for lace-graced apparel?  Why did I select a lace bridal gown for my own nuptial and outfit my girlfriends in lace-y cocktail frocks?  (That's a story for another time, friends.  For now, let's say I'm anticipating some negative karma in my next run as a bridesmaid.)  Why do I fall for lace -- or lace-like, in the case of the above thrifted dress -- detailing every time?

In writing the post, it occurred to me that many of you might find lace repelling for the exact reasons I find it appealing.  This polarization interests me, too.  Lace signifies "bridal" for some, "boudoir" for others; "vintage chic" on one hand, "pass-the-mothballs antiquated" on the other.  So what does lace connote to you?

  •  Mind if I put the brakes on my original lace-related post to collect some data?  Please answer my poll question on the right sidebar!  I'd also like to hear your reason for answering the way you did, so comment away, too! 
  • (Side note: I realize that in the far left photo of the above triptych I look a bit, erm, boudoir.  Or a bit "Hey-I-might-be-wearing-only-a-trenchcoat-to-a-large-sporting-event!"  But I figure, it is football season, so in honor of collegiate streakers everywhere, I'm going with it.)
  • (I really have no choice.  My outtakes?  They're worse.)


Between Laundry Days said...

I really love this on you! I'm glad you went back to try your hand at thrifting. :)

Sal said...

Way to rock that oversized vest!

Nate C said...

Nice work there, AM. I think the thrift is all in the attitude. I like pulling something nearing ridiculous off the rack and thinking to myself, "Hell yeah I can rock this". One of my favorites is a burnt-orange short-sleeve button up that has a quilted patch on the left chest. It's made by Hunter's Club and is padded so when you're out shooting your shotguns and whatnot the kickback isn't as extreme.

Do I shoot guns? Absolutely not. Do I get compliments every time I wear it, especially in uber-hip Portland, OR? You're GD right I do. Once again, if you like it an feel good in it, there's no accounting for trends or popular opinion. Who wants to be shaped like every other cookie out there anyway?

As for your Lace number here...I think a smaller vest would remove any flasher-esque connotations. Other than that? Glee-ful.

Anonymous said...

I love lace, and I love how you styled that awesome lace dress. The vest is the perfect compliment and contrast to it. Such a great look!

Diana said...

I love lace; it often reads as vintage or victorian to me, which are both aesthetics I rather enjoy. I like it best in black or cream rather than stark white, which can be a little too stiff looking. I think it looks great with something edgy to toughen it up, like you've done with the vest and beads, so it doesn't run the risk of being too sweet.

Miss. Studios said...

I love this dress on you! Lace is more for females so why not make the most of it? I have returned a lace top I bought from Charlotte russe few month ago. It was just not for me. I think this dress can be your summer go-to piece. I love how girls wear a white dress with boots and a cowboy hat.


Lace lover here, too. I think I love the delicacy of the fabric, as well as how unique each pattern is. It's like being dressed in snowflakes :)

Scholar Style Guide said...

I don't own a single lace thing, but I really did think I was going to wear lace for my wedding until I found the dress I actually wore. Perhaps that's because I think of lace as bridal, but I have a different hunch. I knew I didn't want strapless, and for some reason, most dresses which were not strapless had some kind of lace detailing.

I like how you paired the edgy vest with the lace to create a really different look. And when I saw the dress in person, I certainly didn't think "that must be from a discount retailer," so good for Charlotte Russe. Lace seems like one of those items that looks *so bad* to me when it looks cheap.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you style it for fall, and how else you wear the vest!


Caitlin said...

I'm completely in love with that vest. Where did you get that most fabulous item? I must have something similar in my wardrobe :) It is incredible how incorporating a vest (somewhat masculine) with something soft and ethereal like that lace dress makes a perfect ensemble. Kudos!

Scholar Style Guide said...

You guys have reminded me of some important stipulations for wearing lace well: 1) soft color, 2) decent quality, and 3)juxtaposition to "less feminine" garments. Like many of you, I prefer lace in softer beige rather than bright white, and I try to avoid cheap-looking laces. I also typically temper the femininity of lace with bolder garments, like this vest. (Thanks for the compliments on it! I found mine at Marshalls, but there's a similar one for sale at Nordstrom.)

I thought many more of you would express opposition to lace! Maybe I'm imagining the polarization? Regardless, thanks for the feedback. :) Look for a Lace: Part II post in the future!


Iris said...

I love this dress! It is pefect for fall and looks so great on you... also, your hair looks awesome, did you get it cut?

Rachel said...

I love lace but own so little of it! I think sometimes it can feel too busy to actually wear, but the large lace pattern on your dress (which I love!) is not as complex as some lace.

I wanted the little lace I wore at my wedding to have a big impact so I opted for a mantilla veil.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i love the lace! especially with the vest (vest? it's super cool) over it. you make it look extra-bad ass.