Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend Reads

Looking for something fun to read this weekend?

Caitlin of Frosting and Bows offers some helpful commentary on Anne-Marie's recent thrifting mishap, which Caitlin thinks she can still turn into a success story.

D-Med and A-Dubs of In Professorial Fashion put out a call for fellow bloggers to imitate their self proclaimed "Wonder Woman Pose," and the results, which include Liz's contribution, would make Lynda Carter proud!  We think they'd make her laugh, too.

The fall semester is well on its way now, but if you want to re-live that back to school excitement, check out the First Day of School Conference Panel in which Liz is included, hosted and coordinated by the Fashionable Academics.

Thanks to these fine ladies for featuring our input on their own blogs.  And happy first weekend of Fall, everyone!  We hope those of you who are holding onto summer are enjoying some sunshine, and those of you who've been suffering from bootache have seen the temps drop a bit!


Someone said...

Caitlin makes a good point about trying on thrift items before purchases, but not every store has a place for that. That's where the thrifting uniform comes in. It's what you wear so you can slip try-ons over and/or under it. A thin tank and leggings, with a skirt and button-up shirt over those if needed for streetworthiness, is a versatile combo for this. This method can also ease anxiety about less cleansed items.

The larger thrift stores that have mirrors scattered about sometimes offer less-traveled corners that are good for this kind of try-on.