Monday, September 6, 2010

Wardrobe Workhorse Week Kickoff

We're excited to launch Wardrobe Workhorse Week today!  We'll be posting on our own wardrobe workhorses daily, and these fine bloggers will also be contributing to the discussion over on their own blogs.  Check back with their blogs throughout the week to see which items in their closets classify as wardrobe workhorses.  A few of them have already started posting on the topic!

Sara of Orchids in Buttonholes
Iris of 260 Days, No Repeats
E-Jo of In Professorial Fashion
Miss. Studios of O Miss Studious
Plummy of Plummy: Developing Style
Katie of Interrobangs Anonymous
Anna of The Belle and the Bear
Rad from The Cohabitating Closet 

To read about what we mean by "Wardrobe Workhorse Week," please visit this post.  And if you'd still like to participate, please comment below and we'll add you to the list!  We hope you'll also share your thoughts on where the term "wardrobe workhorse" originated.  As academics, we're determined to give credit where credit is due.  Where'd you first see the term in use?


La Historiadora de Moda said...

I'll be excited to see what you ladies consider the workhorses of your closets.

I'm pretty sure that I've seen that term in fashion magazines and advertisements for at least a decade.

Felicity said...

I've never heard the phase "wardrobe workhorse" prior to reading it on your blog, but the concept is great and I love honoring the stables in my closet that I couldn't do without.

I'll post on this topic too, but not until tomorrow. I want to enjoy my last day of freedom before school starts tomorrow!