Sunday, September 12, 2010

Submission Sunday: Caitlin

During Wardrobe Workhorse Week we pared down our closets to our best-loved items, so we're thrilled to continue the scaling-back party with a post from Anne-Marie's lifelong friend (and new blogger!), Caitlin of Frosting and Bows.  Caitlin, who studied Studio Art in college, has a knack for styling only-the-best accessories into creative combinations.  Here she shares her Four Must-Have (and Budget-Conscious!)(and Versatile!) Items for Fall.


Caitlin Says: It's difficult to nail down my four must-have items for this season because I am absolutely in love with so many trends.  The only thing I can say for sure is that the pieces here are things that I cannot live without, period.  I like to experiment with my wardrobe and accessories.  And it gives me a sense of adventure to put something on that I think no one else in the world will have.  This is why I like to shop at thrift stores, vintage clothing lots, you name it.  Not only are these vintage trinkets a steal in cost, but they are also easily placed alongside my upcoming wardrobe for fall, and I will show you how.  Take a look!
Composition #1: A Chic Jacket
yellow and black houndstooth jacket (thrifted, $25)

tank (F21, $15)
pocketwatch (gifted)
chain (thrifted, $17) 

I have blogged about this jacket because it is so newsworthy!  I bought it two years ago at a vintage clothing store which is no longer here.  I paid $25.00 for it, and I wear it with everything.  I think it is, hands down, the best investment I have ever made in an article of clothing.  It goes with everything from jeans to black pants, and it also serves as a suit jacket if you are in the corporate career world.  It is stunning!  Like many of the things in my closet, it didn’t cost a fortune and no one would ever know it.  I am sure at one point in time it did, but not for me! My advice for anyone going "thrifting:" find pieces that echo your personality, but don’t spend over $25.00 on anything, unless it is in mint condition.  Word to the wise.

Composition #2: A Red Bag
red messenger bag (Liz Clairborne via TJ Maxx, $14)
shoes (Steve Madden on sale, $40)
scarf (Marshalls, $20)

This bag is my must for this season because of the intense red and the easy carrying.  It is all about comfort for me these days, and this bag fits me to a "T."  I wear it around with jeans, and, in this case, with a jersey dress and scarf.  Find one in a similar style or different color -- they are hot this fall!

Composition #3: Boyfriend Jeans
jeans (Gap, on sale)  

A slight exaggeration but, these jeans are the most comfortable things I’ve ever put on.  Really!  I wear them with t-shirts, with tank tops out on the town, to the grocery store, with heels, with sandals, with ankle booties.  It is actually difficult to mess up this pair.  I purchased these at Gap on sale.  They are almost too good to be true.  When I get dressed nowadays, I try not to think so hard.  It should be about ease.  Throw on what makes you feel happy, comfortable, and powerful.  It’s all about attitude.

Composition #4: Big, Statement Jewelry
faux pearl multi-strand necklace (F21, $18)
heart necklace (gifted, Frantz Diamonds in Roanoke, Va.)
all other necklaces (F21) 

Jewelry makes a statement in a big way.  It can transform your most drab frock into an exciting new discovery in your wardrobe.  I happen to love this new trend of huge pieces.  It makes choosing what to put on so much easier.  All you have to do it layer and keep layering chunky pieces.  If you are at a loss of creativity, check out any J.Crew magazine.  All the spreads include large rhinestone necklaces or pearls, or both with a wide range of outfits.  You will never have to decide between your pearls or your rhinestones ever again. One more thought, if you don't want to go out and buy several mismatching pieces, just take apart old necklaces and mix and match those.

  • Caitlin says getting dressed "should be about ease," and should make you feel "happy, comfortable, and powerful."  How do you keep your daily styling habits effortless?
  • Do you own these or similar items?  How do you style them?
  • Thrifting divas, what are your strategies for finding gems like Caitlin's houndstooth jacket?  Where do you shop, and when?  How much do you spend, on average, on vintage finds?
  • What are your must-have items for fall?


Scholar Style Guide said...

For me, there's not a lot of "ease" involved in putting new looks together, so if I'm looking for effortless, I fall back on old favorite combinations. One of the things I love about style blogging, though, is that I can use the inspiration from other bloggers to give me new ideas.

I love that jacket!! Take me thrift shopping with you!

And, this is unrelated, but that blue on your wall is great, too.

Thanks for contributing, Caitlin!


Bekah Mae said...

That jacket is awesome! Lucky find!

The Belle Epoquista said...

While totally off topic, I just wanted to drop by to say I was actually drawn in by your gorgeous smile, it lights up your whole face. I'm so envious, heading off to practice smiling now!

Caitlin said...

Thank you for the opportunity to guest post on your blog. I had a great time coming up with these must haves and I hope that you can divulge some good ideas from some of my favorite pieces.

I think what you girls do is amazing! I am very proud to be a small part of the fashion blog experience. Keep up the great work!