Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WWW: Colorful Shoes

I'm thrilled to contribute my first entry for Wardrobe Workhorse Week, a week that we here at SSG (and other blogs!) are dedicating to those items in our regular rotations.

green ruffled t-strap wedges (Steve Madden)
"ruby slippers" (DSW)


When pulling together ideas for these posts, I thought about traditional lists of "must-have" items, which tend to focus on basics to build outfits upon.  And it is true that I am big on the basics.  In my bio on this blog, I describe my style as centered on fashion fundamentals: "I generally like simple pieces" ... and I'm very into  "focusing on the basics."  However, part of this philosophy is that I can easily dress these items up and style them in different ways.  One of my favorite ways to easily spice up and outfit is through a colorful pair of shoes.  Even jeans that a t-shirt can instantly get a kick (ha!) from your kicks.  So I picked my favorite spring/summer pair and my favorite fall/winter pair.  This summer, I bought these green ruffled t-straps at a deep discount.  I wear them with everything.  They're super comfortable, and they always add a bit of feminine charm (hello ruffles) to a look.

Ditto the red flats.  They're my go-to shoe with a long-sleeved t-shirt (tune in tomorrow for my WWW post on that!) and jeans, and I like to throw them on with skirts or dresses too.  Like the wedges, they're very comfortable, perfect for long days on campus and/or running errands. 

  • I'm sure I've used this prompt before, but it's a good one and relevent: do you go for neutral shoes or more colorful ones?
  • What's your favorite way to pump up a simple outfit?


Aradia said...

I just found your weblog and enjoyed your posts. Loved the concept of “Wardrobe Workhorse Week” which reminded me of a post I did back in March:
It was good to go back to that post and thank my little workhorses again!
Thank you for reminding me. I guess I‘ll be a constant visitor to your weblog from now on!

Michelle said...

Re: neutral or colorful shoes, I say both! Mix it up! Sometimes you need the shoe to be the pop of color, and some days it's the rest of the outfit that needs to shine. But then, I'd also say a good neutral shoe should have some interesting texture or other features going for it instead of color.

One of my own workhorse preferences is currently singing its autumn siren call: boots! I know WWW is happening while SSG headquarters continues to endure the mid-Atlantic heat, but what take do you lovely ladies have on what might just be my fall favorite?

Scholar Style Guide said...

Love me a colorful shoe! Especially those of the ruffled T-strap variety. That's why I think your green wedges are particularly fabulous, and I've liked every way you've worn them this season.

Michelle, I have a post in the works about the reintroduction of boots. Check back next week! They're my all-star workhorses for fall, too. :)