Wednesday, September 29, 2010



glasses (Jill Stuart)

Hello all!  Sorry I've been MIA.  After a sad trip home, my computer broke.  Luckily, the parts were under warranty, and my lifeline was restored Monday afternoon.  After a not-so great September, I would like to thank you all for your sweet comments and thoughts.  They really made me understand how a virtual blogging world is very much a real community.  Your support meant more than I can express, so thank you.

Moving on, I have a few changes in my general appearance.  For one, I finally got new glasses.  Way back in June, I confessed that I wore glasses nearly everyday.  And then I lamented how much I hated the way that glasses transformed my appearance.  Liz suggested that once I got frames that I actually liked, my stance on glasses would change.  Lo and behold, she was right (as usual).  After getting my prescription renewed, I decided to put my eye fashion in the (very stylish) saleswoman's hands.  I showed her my old glasses and told her that I did not like them.  Then she cleared up years of confusion on what looks good for my face shape: after one look at my oval frames, she frowned and gently said, "Well, you have an oval face and oval frames don't really suit that.  You need something with more edges to bring out your cheekbones and the angles of your face."

I had never had on glasses with a square or rectangular shape, so I was eager to try them.  I explained that I wanted to try either thick frames or bottomless frames and let her pull some glasses.  I probably tried on only about 20 pairs (as opposed to three times that many I normally try on) total.  I think more would have been torturous, based on previous experience.  This pair was probably number ten or so, but it was the first and only pair that my immediate reaction was "Yes."

Relatively soon after getting the glasses, I decided I wanted another minor change to something that affects my everyday look - my hair.  Growing up, I loved changing my hair.  This usually meant chopping more and more off, but in college, I started growing it out.  Currently, my hair hangs to a few inches past my shoulders and is the longest it has ever been.  I like the length, so I decided to dye it.  I don't have the money for a professional dye job, so I bought some Clairol Natural Instincts temporary (28 days) hair dye in color 15RG: Golden Sienna.*  The color on the box is close to my natural hair color, but is more overtly orange-y red.  I've used it before and have been happy with the results.  The change is pretty minimal: responses tend to be, "Did you change your hair?" not "Whoa!  That's different," which is exactly what I wanted.  Even the pictures don't really show much of a difference (the top photo is pre-dye with glasses, the bottom two are ~5 days post-dye).  I think the new color brightens up my face and compliments my skin tone.  I've always called myself a pseudo-redhead because my hair has red tints but is more brown than auburn, but people call me a redhead because my pale skin and freckles bring out my natural red highlights.

I'm very happy with both changes.  You may see my glasses around the blog more, and I like the way my new hair naturally adds a pop of color to my outfits.

*SSG has no ties to and is not sponsered by Clairol.

  • Do you dye your hair?  How far from your natural color do you go?
  • When you're looking for a specific item, like glasses, how many do you like to try on?  I like to try on enough to be sure, but as I mentioned, I've tried on every pair in the store before only to be really confused.
  • What do you know about face shapes and glasses? 


Scholar Style Guide said...

Katie, you look great! Subtle changes, like you said, but they make a significant difference. Congrats on finding frames and a hair hue you like! It's nice to start the new month afresh, I bet.

On the matter of dyed hair, mine has been everything from Morticia-style black to bleached blonde. Although not all dye jobs have gone swimmingly for me, I still prefer changing my color to changing my cut. Less permanent, or more quickly remedied, and all.

Being the daughter and the granddaughter of ophthalmologists, I feel like I've spent my life around glasses. Still, I haven't mastered The Choosing of The Perfect Frame. It's challenging and takes so much time! However, my sister began working in my dad's optical at a young age and has since mastered such skills. I think she has a knack for it. In fact, I think she received all the eye-related-expertise genes. Long story short: I always defer to her opinion.

I do appreciate that glasses are now treated by both designers and wearers as accessories, rather than as perfunctory facial features. There's more freedom to use frames as "looks." It makes wearing glasses much more fun, I think.


Iris said...

I love your glasses!

Scholar Style Guide said...

Thanks for showing off the new specs! I'm looking forward to seeing them show up in your outfit posts.

I think it's kind of funny that you said you wanted either thicker frames or bottomless frames, and because of the coloring of these, they kind of achieve the advantages of both!

I like this hair on you, too. I've used permanent hair color before-- in high school I dyed my hair all the time, and I've dyed it a few times in more recent years to try to get rid of some ill-advised highlights. Does the dye actually wash out eventually, or does it retain a bit of this hue until it grows out?


Miss. Studios said...

I too wear glasses ALL the time. I have fairly sensitive and weak eyes so I rarely wear contact lenses and I live on prescription sunglasses whenever I am exposed to sun.

I also renewed my prescription few weeks ago and am waiting to receive my new glasses. More than anything, I have hard time making myself be comfortable with new glasses because I am not used to the new shape of it. However, once I start to wear it more, interestingly I feel that my glasses become a part of me. My current and new glasses are similar to your glasses I think. They have bottomless design like yours. Current one is brown and the new one is light purple.