Friday, September 10, 2010

WWW: Wedges, Necklaces, and Belts

Thanks for joining us for Wardrobe Workhorse Week!  In my previous WWW post, I featured genres of items, but today, for our final write-up of the series, I'm celebrating three (okay, four) specific pieces that make my wardrobe work.

Composition: Chunky Wedges
brown leather wedge sandals (RJ Girl)

A teacher once cautioned me against overusing the word "love," but I can't resist: I love these wedges, I love these wedges, I love these wedges.  The buckles on these clunkers add just enough edge to the prettiest outfit, and they create interest in everyday ensembles.  They're also surprisingly comfortable.  Believe it.  Although not as "classy" as Liz's black wedges, and therefore likely not classroom appropriate, these neutrals are my go-to kickers for after-school and weekend outings.

Composition: Statement Necklace
turquoise bib necklace (via ShopMamie)

Many of my outfits are deficient in the jewelry department, and that's because I'm awkward with accessories.  I haven't (yet!) mastered the adornment game.  Fortunately, my childhood friend Caitlin of Frosting and Bows is adept at creating and composing such trimmings, and she's preparing a Scholar Style Guide guest post for this Sunday!  Stay tuned!  In the meantime, I rely on this turquoise bib necklace to embellish my summer clothes.  Its color, length, and shape make it virtually fool-proof -- perfect for an accessorizing newbie like me!

Composition: Go-With-Everything Belts
black belt (via ShopMamie), brown belt (Anthropologie)

Speaking of accessorizing, I only began belting my clothes after stumbling upon these pair-with-anything items of waist-wear.  At the time I wasn't intentionally shopping for belts, but there they were: on sale, calling out to me.  I decided to give 'em a shot.  Since purchasing these black and brown numbers, a world of dressing possibilities has opened up.  And like Liz, who has long advocated belting, I often feel sartorially "finished" with a cinched waist.  (Perhaps, as Katie's post on "ladylikeness" suggests, I feel more feminine with accented curves?)  Recently, I've experimented with narrower, braided belts, but these two remain my favorites.

  • To you accessorizing pros out there: what are your secrets?  I need tips!
  • Are there any clothing combos you wish I would try?
  • Wardrobe Workhorse Week has reminded me of the many versatile items in my closet and convinced me that I don't need to shop as much as I think (or want!).  What have you learned about your closet during WWW?


Plummy said...

I think one of the most interesting things I've learned during WWW is how much I love some of my items of clothing...and how I am apathetic about others in comparison. I want to love *all* my items of clothing as much as I love my workhorses! I tend to move a lot, so this has really prompted me to pare down, decide what is worth bringing with me, and also to slow the incoming clothing traffic (since most of it ends up leaving anyways!). With my upcoming moves (next summer my husband and I will be leaving the states for a few years of living and working abroad) I really need to focus on making most of my wardrobe a workhorse, and chucking the items that won't go the distance.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Ah, belts! How can you go wrong with them?

Clare said...

All three are fab. And all these pictures remind me of how much I LOVE your style. That's right, Love.

Bekah Mae said...

Just discovered your blog...AND FREAKING LOVE! You have such great style. Wanted to say 'ello!

Scholar Style Guide said...

Guys, thanks for the compliments and encouragement! Your personal styles really inspire me, so I'm honored to hear your positive feedback. THANK YOU!

Plummy, you make a good point about "slowing the incoming clothing traffic" because of your constant uprooting. Until recently my twenty-something years have been like yours, all mobility all the time. My husband and I only recently purchased a home, which we love, but I hope I treat my closet the way I treated my suitcase: scale back, scale back, scale back! Thanks for the reminder.

Also, I'm completely jealous of your living and working abroad plans. :) Keep us posted!

Bekah Mae, thanks for reading! We hope you stick around!