Friday, October 15, 2010

Downplaying (the blogging) and Updating (the clothing)?

Earlier Drafts:
I wore a summer variation of this outfit here.

grey button-down shirt (Gap)
black pants (Gap)
fedora (Target)
black belt (ShopMamie)
nude suede heels (Seychelles)

On Tuesday I mentioned that a last-minute interview awaited me after my return from Texas, and I had every intention of posting about the outfit I wore to it today.  Academichic has hosted a fabulous interview attire round-up this week -- what better time to join the conversation?  However, the current state of the job market and my tenuous personal prospects have me paranoid about detailing an interview for which I'm still awaiting a response.  Is that irrational?  It might be.  My fear of being discovered by a potential employer on the blogosphere is likely unfounded.  Still, mind if I wait 'til next week to share?

Relatedly, do your employers or superiors or even students read your blogs or know you keep them?  Does that knowledge affect your professional relationships?  If so, how?  How do you address questions about blogging in work environments?

In the meantime, I'll share an outfit that has become my transitional fall-back during the unpredictable early autumn chill.  I built a version of this ensemble in August, when sleeveless tops were still wearable and fedoras felt smooth in a "Summertime and the livin's easy" sort of way.  The fedora has followed me into fall because I'm growing out my hair, and the current awkward length of my locks necessitates a hat.  (The in-between stage of growing hair is a real drag, isn't it?  But I'm certain there's a useful life-lesson metaphor to it.  Something about having to endure awkward phases while achieving one's goals.  Hm.)  In the coming months I plan to break out my cloche hats and knitted beanies, but I'm in no hurry.  Winter will require me to wear hats from December to March, after all, so I'll eat my fill of them eventually.  Have you adapted any summertime outfits for autumn?

Happy Weekending!

  • Do your colleagues, students, or employers know about or read your blogs?  How do you address questions about blogging in work environments?
  • I already asked this question, but I'll restate it here: have you updated any favorite summertime outfits for fall?



Could this outfit be any more fun? Somehow I think the neutral palette actually brings out its flair.

When I first decided to start a style blog, I was hesitant that if any students/colleagues should happen upon it, I'd go down a notch or two on the respect meter. Then I decided to slap a cartoon monkeyface on my mug and prance around with a stuffed animal, so obviously I've got the potential matter under complete control now. ;)

La Historiadora de Moda said...

No, I don't blame you for wanting to keep that private for the time being. Some of my colleagues know about FA, some don't. This was true at my graduate institution - although a couple of my committee members knew about the blog. And it is true now - several other faculty members know and the asst. to the Dean of my college knows. I don't know if the Dean knows or not.... To my knowledge, none of my current students know about my blog, although some of my former students do.

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

I keep mine private, but my boss knows I have one (a coworker is a regular reader, and she mentioned it one day). Once it was out, I was quick to mention that I don't say where I live, where I work, and that I once googled "Katie" and "curator" to see if I'd come up, and there's plenty a Katie before you ever find me so I'm not too worried.

That all being said, I'm also careful about what I write because there's always the possibility for people to figure out who I am. So I try to be vague when talking about work, and I'm always respectful when I talk about other people. The goal is, if those in places of power find my blog and might be inclined to take offense, there's no ammunition for them (or at least I hope so).

Dr. Da said...

I crop my head out of pictures to keep my blog somewhat more anonymous. But at the same time, I do not write anything on the blog I would be worried about students or colleagues reading. I am in the physical sciences, so I already stick out around my department (both faculty and students have commented on my shoes collection), and I do not wish to draw additional attention to my fashion choices for fear of being viewed as less than serious about my science.

Callipygian said...

This is your awkward hair length? I've been admiring your hair in every post since I started reading the blog last month!

Scholar Style Guide said...

Hey guys! Thanks for understanding my hesitation and for offering advice on broaching the subject with colleagues and employers. I'm really proud to be part of this blogging community, and I consider it an important complement to my education, actually, so I'm not embarrassed by it. Just cautious. :)

Callipygian, thanks for reading! Ha, I'm glad my hair doesn't look awkward to you. Maybe it feels more awkward than it looks? Anyway, I like keeping my hair off my shoulders, so I likely won't grow it much longer. Only a few more inches of length would allow me to get more creative with hairstyles. Bobs are lovely, but not as versatile as I had imagined for my finicky hair.

Hope you're all enjoying relaxing, productive weekends!


Scholar Style Guide said...

Great outfit! I think your hair looks great at any length, but am glad to hear that "growing it out" still means above the shoulders. Can't wait to see what cut you settle on!

I try to be as conscious as possible in writing my posts about the fact that it's read by people who do and do not know me personally. I agree that a job interview is something you may want to wait to discuss in a forum like this.


Sassy Molassy said...

My coworkers don't know of my blog. I just prefer it that way because it's something I really enjoy that is not work related. Plus, they know enough about my crazy running habits so that's probably enough personal life info for them. ;)