Friday, October 8, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Earlier Drafts:
After buying this linen blazer in Savannah, Georgia, I dubbed it one of my wardrobe workhorses.
These western style treads helped me kick off boot season.
This brown tote is too large for dinner outings, but perfect for airline travel.
These frames make me look like my mom.

olive green strapless jersey dress (Cannot remember!  Likely snagged at TJ Maxx, since I bought it with my sister, and that's where we normally shop together.  After years of wear, it's tagless.)
linen blazer (Gap)
boots (Steve Madden)
brown tote bag (gifted via Target)
necklaces and green cocktail ring (F21)
frames (United Colors of Benetton)

I have a hunch this ensemble was subconsciously inspired by one of my former English teachers.  It's uncanny how I've mimicked her in these photos.  Long, drapey base layer, slouchy jacket, layered jewelry, thick-rimmed frames -- even the way I'm standing in the left most photo, tall and with my weight on my left foot, recalls her usual stance at the front of the classroom.  It seems she's made an impression on me.  Do you ever find yourself adopting others' mannerisms or dressing styles as your own? 

My outfit may have been incidentally inspired by my teacher, but it was prompted by a plane trip to Texas.  Yesterday morning I hopped a flight to Austin, hot on Clare's heels.  Over the next few days I'll be visiting various family members and attending Austin City Limits Music Festival for the second time.  I'm so excited!

I'll cut to the chase, though:  I chose to wear this dress not because it's the most figure-flattering garment in my closet (it's obviously not), but because wearing it feels like being wrapped in a cozy blanket.  Which is exactly how I prefer to feel on a chilly, non-stop airplane ride.  I added the blazer for warmth -- and because it didn't fit in my suitcase -- not for aesthetics.  And the boots?  I wore them for practical reasons, too: I don't enjoy sporting open-toed shoes while jet-setting, and I especially dislike having to traipse barefoot through airport security.  So, yes, my feet are swathed in thick, unattractive (yet comfortable!) cotton-blend socks inside those booties.  Since my flight departed at 7 a.m., I'm hoping no one but the airport security officer saw them.

Assembling an outfit based on practicality is a departure for me, as is wearing a frock for airline travel.  I normally wear pants, as you can see here and here, but I kind of dig this new look (especially sans blazer).  What say you?

  • What's your favorite item to wear for airline travel?  What's your footwear of choice?
  • Have you ever worn a dress while traveling?  How'd it go?  Do you prefer the one-and-done ease of a dress, or the comfort of pants and jeans?
  • About that first question: have you ever found yourself subconsciously mimicking others in your dressing habits?


La Historiadora de Moda said...

I am a huge fan of this outfit and the color palette here, my dear! Also jealousy burns my soul that you are going to Austin City Limits. I haven't been to Austin in almost a decade.

I often wear dresses on planes and pair them with tights and a cardi because I tend to freeze on planes. I prefer to wear flats, but if I need the space in my suitcase and want to take boots, I'll wear them on the plane.

Diana said...

I like to wear a longish jersey dress or skirt (or a shorter dress with comfy leggings) and a big cardigan or shawl for warmth on planes. I actually find it much more comfortable for sitting in cramped plane seats than jeans (no waistband). In winter, I usually wear boots but that is primarily because I like to pack light, so this means I need to wear my biggest pair of shoes on the plane. I wear thick comfy socks underneath and take the shoes off on the plane. In the summer, I'll usually wear some low-profile sneakery type of shoe (like Pumas), again so that I can wear socks.

Plummy said...

I actually think this look is very cute, very traveler chic! When I travel I always dress for comfort as well--usually pants or a dress with leggings, easy-off shoes with socks, and plenty of sweaters and scarves. :)

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

I love the muted color palatte - and it looks great on you. I always watch the broadcasts of Austin City Limits on PBS - those look like the best concerts!

I always wear jersey dresses while flying, along with a big scarf to act as an impromptu blanket. And I wear slip on/off flats so I can get through security as quickly as possible.

Scholar Style Guide said...

I didn't realize that it was ACL weekend! I hope you're having so much fun! And I hope we get to see some concert looks when you get back!

This looks effortlessly put-together and uber comfortable for plane travel. I do prefer it sans blazer, but think the blazer is great for warmth. I also often wear my most cumbersome pair of shoes on the plane because I refuse to take more than one carry-on of luggage anywhere I go. This often leads to me wearing my running shoes to the airport, though, and that doesn't feel chic or stylish at ALL!

One of my favorite time killing games at the airport is trying to figure out where people are going based on the way they're dressed. This outfit definitely fits your destination!

I don't know if this counts as subconsciously mimicking, but the longer I am friends with someone, the more we begin to dress alike. I think there is definitely something to the idea that if you get used to liking the way a style looks on someone else, you'll start to begin thinking about dressing in that way yourself without really realizing it.

Happy and safe travels!


Scholar Style Guide said...

Speaking of mimicking style...I have a pair of boots that will probably show up on the blog soon that are soooooooooo similar to those ones. I got them before you posted yours, and when I bought them, I thought, "These are Anne-Marie boots." Then, when you first posted them, I had to stare at them for awhile to make sure they weren't the same pair. So I like :)


Alterations Needed said...

I'm in Austin for the first time right now! I'm in town for a wedding, so no ACL for me, but I did drive past the stage on the highway today. Have fun!

Scholar Style Guide said...

Hi guys! It sounds like we all have similar travel wear preferences. :) In other news, if you ever have a chance to make it to ACL, DO IT! It's a good time.

Katie, can't wait to see the boots!

AN, this might sound stalkerish, but I'm fairly sure I spotted you in the Austin airport. Long security line circa 7 a.m.? Monday morning? Hope you had a great time at the wedding!