Friday, October 22, 2010

Mid-Semester Slump


Earlier Drafts:
I've found this purple dress to be more versatile than I expected, I wore this purple patterned top early in one of my first posts, and this gray cardigan gets almost as much wear as my gray boots.

black, purple, and gray patterned top (Target)
gray cardigan (NY&Co)
purple jersey dress worn as a skirt (Victoria's Secret)
gray leather slouch boots (Steve Madden)

You guys don't mind me being a little blurry, I hope-- Katie and I were experimenting with new photo shoot locations on campus, and we liked this brick wall, but we didn't quite get the camera settings right for the lighting.  I wanted to share this look though, because it's my favorite kind-- a brand new look that incorporates items I've had for a while but never thought to wear together before. 

I've had a busy week, and I haven't been able to post for quite a while because my computer was getting repaired (thankfully, under warranty!).  I hope you've all been doing well since my last post and that those of you working/studying in academia are surviving that mid-semester slump.  I'm at the point in my semester where I have to make a daily list of things to accomplish and cross them off one by one.  If I don't do this, I start to feel really overwhelmed by how much I have going on during any given day and how much I have yet to accomplish before the end is in sight.  On the day I wore this outfit, for example, I was on campus from 8am to 9pm!  It was super rainy, too, so I was glad to be in a moveable, comfortable outfit that made me feel good even through the long day.

Happy weekend, all!  

  • How frequently do you come up with new "looks" using items you've had for quite some time?  Do you get as excited as I do when you create a brand new outfit by "remixing"?
  • What are your strategies for getting through overwhelmingly busy periods at work and/or school?  Do you cut back on your blogging/blog reading during those periods, or do you use blogs as your mental escape?  I've still been reading all of my blogs, but I haven't had a chance to comment as frequently as I usually like to.


Scholar Style Guide said...

I really like this outfit and the photo location. We should definitely use it again. I try to remix, but I don't do it as often as I should/could. And for mid-semester slumps, I just drink even more coffee :)


Rad_in_Broolyn said...

This outfit is very cute. I can't quite see the detailing on the blouse but it looks like a great combination.
Right now, I think mentally about remixing outfits I didn't like by changing one piece, adding a belt, different shoes, etc.
I am so mid-semester slump! The list is a great idea. I will make one for tomorrow to help me sleep now. After Monday, I will have officially taught more classes that I have left to teach (Jewish holidays gave us a lot of days off in September). It's still a lot of teaching but it's good to know I'm on the downhill. Yeay.

Scholar Style Guide said...

Katie, I agree about the location-- though the bricks not matching up irritated me at first. Then I realized that this doesn't bother me on anyone else's blog, so I think I was just being a bit ocd.

Rad, I hoped making the list helped!


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