Thursday, October 7, 2010

Katie No-Feet


Earlier Drafts:
I wore this dress for my MA defense last spring.

pink dress (H&M)
white, pink, and orange animal print belt (Cache)
black opaque tights (Target)
black flat/wedges (Payless)

As readers of this blog know, I love unabashedly feminine outfits (and thank you to Sal over at Already Pretty for a great post on the subject last week).  I love florals.  I love heels.  And I love pink.  I wore this raspberry dress to my MA defense because it was perfunctorily professional but it was also in-your-face pink.  In other words, it captured my sense of self, making me feel comfortable and confident.  Also, the three people at my defense - my advisor, my reader, and our program's director - knew enough about me and my style that I knew they wouldn't think twice about my sartorial decision.

Now that the temperatures are dropping and the leaves are changing, wardrobes tend toward darker colors to match nature's ensemble.  Pinks and pastels are taboo, packed away until spring.  However, I really wanted to make this dress fall-appropriate.  My inspiration for this project was Halloween, probably my favorite part of fall. 

Taking away the matching belt that came with the dress, I added a belt that comes with another dress.  It's a white based dress with a bright pink and orange animal print.  The pink ties it to the dress, but the orange adds an interesting fall-y color contrast, while the print breaks up the pink color block.

To complete the outfit, I needed something darker on the bottom, not to mention something that would keep me warm.  The opaque tights add an appropriately dark element to the dress, really solidifying the fall/Halloween look.  However, they also blend in with the shoes that I wore, black flats that have an ever-so-slight wedge.  The combination makes me look like I do not have feet.  At first, I thought I should change shoes, but I found that I actually liked the effect.  It adds an uncanniness to the outfit that both fits with the Halloween theme and interestingly draws attention away from and even diminishes the very feminine look of the dress.  Though that wasn't my intent, I like the way that the accessories change this dress from a girly-girl staple to a still feminine but oddly spooky ensemble.

  • Have you ever added an element to your outfit that makes it look uncanny?
  • How do you adapt different seasonal looks for fall?
  • In the second picture, I tried to do the melancholic-look-away-from-the-camera pose that lots of bloggers do which looks so great on their blogs but makes me look sleepy (a generous adjective to describe my face in that pic).  Any tips for blog picture poses?


Sal said...

Thanks for the shout-out, lady! Maybe the no-feet look is the next big thing ...

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the belt with this lovely pink dress!

I have to say, though, I don't quite get the whole no feet thing you're talking about. My eye goes to the colorful belt, but because the shoes are darker than the tights, I think the feet are still there. Maybe they're more shrouded to me than invisible....

Scholar Style Guide said...

I really like how the different belt adds some personality to this dress. It makes it seem so much more "Katie"!

I wish I had a pair of black tights that were really this opaque!! It kind of looks like you could be wearing an awesome pair of over the leg boots.


Scholar Style Guide said...

@LHdM - I see what you mean. I think what I meant with the "no feet" thing was that there was little differentiation between my legs and feet, making it seem like they were one fluid body part.

@Liz - I hadn't thought of the belt being more "Katie," but now I completely see it!


Scholar Style Guide said...

I forgot my posing advice. At risk of sounding like my mother... shoulders back! Lots of bloggers do variations of the shoulder shrug to successful ends, but for me, 9/10 times I like how I look better when I consciously shift my shoulders back.


Scholar Style Guide said...

Katie, I love this look! Maybe because it's so "you." I'm kinda digging the "no feet" aspect, too, since it creates a long leg line. That's what they tell dancers, anyhow: shoes and tights must be the same color to create a longer-looking leg. The belt is a great touch, too. An overall winner, I say.