Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slight Alterations


burgandy skirt (American Eagle)
brown top (Wet Seal)
boots (Dingo via Zappos)
octopus necklace (gift from boyfriend via ModCloth)
purple cardigan (Marshalls)
glasses (Jill Stuart)

This wasn't the outfit I planned to wear today.  The outfit I composed in my head didn't work in person.  I'm curious how/where others put together their outfits.  Most often, I consider options the night before, then really put it together in my head while in the shower or while eating my cereal and reading gossip columns serious news.  Then I try the outfit on, make adjustments as need (like today, when I scrapped the whole thing and started over again), and then add accessories.  It's still relatively warm here in SSG Headquarters (note: whenever I type that, I picture a fashionable Fortress of Solitude), and I decided to take advantage of it by taking the possible/probable last chance for bare legs.

Also, this outfit made me think about the many different appearances one may have on campus during the day.  Tuesdays are "Twelve Hour Tuesdays," meaning that I usually spend twelve hours on campus.  During that time, I'll usually throw on a cardigan, take it off, repeat as necessary.  Usually by around 7:00, my hair is driving me crazy, so I put it up.  Thus, you can generally see me on campus with some slight variety in my look.

  • How do you compose your outfits?  Do you lay them out or plan them the night before?  Do you plan them in your head first or do you need to be in front of your closet?
  • How do you change your looks over a long day (or do you at all)?


Julia said...

I'm the same way! I have an outfit idea in my mind the night before and I think about it while eating breakfast, showering, or watching the morning news. Then I get up to get changed, and BAM. Either I think, "wow, this actually worked out," or "what was I thinking?" Then it takes me a while longer to figure out what to wear. Sometimes I even revert to the original thought because it's better than anything else I came up with. [sigh]

That burgundy skirt is such a pretty color on you!

Scholar Style Guide said...

I've tried planning outfits the night before, and sometimes it works if I'm really excited about an outfit, but normally I can't decide what to wear until I know how I'm feeling that morning. Normally I stand in front of my closet trying to decide what to wear, though I do think about it in the shower in order to decide whether to shave. : )

I like how you're mixing jewel tones with neutrals here, and I really like the long cardigan! I've been keeping my eye out for one but haven't found one I like yet.


A-Dubs said...

Love the burgundy skirt with those awesome boots. And 12 hours on campus is intense. I'm impressed that you're able to keep this great look going all day.

Diana said...

I love those boots!
I do sometimes think about outfit combos ahead of time, but mostly I stand in front of my closet in the morning... I never lay things out the night before, because I'm not that dedicated, honestly. I have to admit that although I'm really low-maintenance, (like I don't do my hair or makeup or anything), I do sometimes spend an inordinate amount of time in the morning trying on clothes...

Plummy said...

Either I plan out my whole outfit the night before (usually if I have an event or it will be unusual weather the next day) or I pick out one item when I wake up to create my outfit around.