Thursday, October 21, 2010

Red, White, and Meeeow!


jeans (JC Penney's)
white long sleeved shirt (Old Navy)
red scarf (street vendon in NYC)
animal print flats (Minnetonka)

After the controversy over my last post - and the ensuing questions about appropriate attire for being seen around one's department in an unofficial capacity (not teaching, not for class, etc.) - I thought I'd post an outfit that I think pretty adequately represents my normal departmental attire. 

First, though, a few notes about our departmental culture and my current position within our department.  I mention these things because I think that departmental context is absolutely key to reading clothing.  First of all, I'm a graduate student still in coursework.  I used to work as a graduate assistant in an administrative position, and I began a TA-ship this year, but I have a course release for this semester, so I have few formal obligations on campus.  So when I'm actually around campus, I'm attending class, meetings (with professors, reading groups, and as part of a big departmental service obligation I took on this year), or talks...or I'm just doing work in my office.  Our departmental culture values style - we have some great female professors for scholarly and stylish role models - but it also tends to be a pretty welcoming, laid back department. 

That said, I have few reasons to really "dress up," and our departmental culture doesn't really require it.  So I try to look casual but still put together.  I consider this look to be representative of my current "uniform."  If you see me around our department, I'm probably wearing a long sleeved t-shirt or another type of simple top, jeans (usually a medium to dark wash), and flats.  If I have time that week, I paint my nails during a reading break (this week: OPI An Affair in Red Square).  Most often, I throw in some bright colors or prints.  Sometimes, I'll substitute the flats for heels.  I usually wear my glasses, but every once in awhile, I'll wear my contacts.  As for this outfit, I've mentioned before that I love the combination of animal print and red, and I think that the combination of the bright scarf on top and the fun pattern on the bottom gives this basic uniform a little personality.

  • We've discussed uniforms (or lack thereof) before.  Do you have a casual "uniform"? 
  • How do you dress around your department when you're not there in an official capacity, say just doing work in your office?
  • How do most people dress in your department (or work place)?


Anonymous said...

The parts about culture make me think of my sociology class, and it makes me a happy panda.

Iris said...

The way I dress in my casual Friday posts is the way I also dress in my everyday life, there isn't much difference at all.

There is supposed to be a business casual dress code at my job which some people follow but, there are always the few exceptions of people wearing things that are to short/tight/low cut and for the most part they get away with it because it is such a relaxed enviornment.

Scholar Style Guide said...

I know this is not what your post is about, but I just wanted to say I'm glad to see that the new glasses are getting plenty of exposure on the blog. They look great!

Love the red nails, too. It's surprising to me how sometimes a fun nail color can brighten my whole day.


Sara said...

I wore an outfit similar to this the other day, and I thought of you. Miss you, Katie-Bear!