Monday, October 11, 2010

Tights or No Tights?

Earlier Drafts:
I celebrated this dress as a one-and-done outfit this summer, and I modeled this gray cardigan with my black shift dress.

black hoop earrings (gifted by my MIL)
teal cami (Old Navy)
printed jersey dress (NY&Co)
gray cardigan (NY&Co)
teal Mary Janes (Seychelles)

This dress doesn't photograph very well, but some of the swirly stripes are teal and the rest are black, gray, and white.  I like trying to bring out the teal, so I've worn it with this teal cami and with my turquoise cardigan in the past, but I like it even better with my new favorite shoes!

I broke out my boots a little early, but I'm still resisting the switch to tights.  When the temps start to drop, I also try to avoid wearing a coat at all costs.  We live in a fairly moderate climate, but nonetheless, I'll be in pants/tights and coats from at least November through February, so I like to hold off on them as long as possible.  I don't think this is necessarily because I dislike cool weather, though I do prefer it when it's warm.  All summer, I was hoping for jeans weather here and there.  I get tired of wearing the same items day in and day out, so I try to keep mixing it up until the weather absolutely forces me to make the transition.  I actually prefer cool weather dressing because there are so many more opportunities for layering, but I guess I don't want to layer up until it's necessary.  I'm also curious about how many of you wear brightly colored tights.  I don't own a single pair!  Maybe adding a few pairs to my wardrobe would shift my attitude toward them.

The alternate title to this post was "Look, no belt!"  Nine times out of ten, I belt my dress+cardigan ensembles, but I felt like stripe of black across my midsection would have interrupted my attempt to draw the attention toward the gray and teal in the pattern.

  • Have you made the transition to tights yet?  Do you make the switch based on temperature, time of year, or something else?
  • Where's your favorite place to purchase tights?  I'd like to find a few fun pairs, but I'm not looking to spend more than $10 per pair.
  • If you dress differently from one season to the next, which is your favorite season for which to dress? 


Plummy said...

Cute dress!

Where I am, I regrettably had to wear tights for most of the 'summer' because it was so chilly out! So yes, I've definitely made the transition to tights. My transition this year, due to the crappy summer, was from brightly colored tights to darker tights, and I still haven't broken out my heavy, sweater-like tights (you can tell that I *love* tights, yes?). I pretty much only buy Hue tights anymore--I've tried around with a ton of different brands, but Hue ones will outlast any and all others! I had a pair of gray Hue tights that I wore constantly, that lasted for TWO YEARS before they finally bit it when I kneeled on a broken piece of plastic...and they still didn't run, they just got a small tear! They are usually around $11 per pair at Nordstroms or Macy's, but my local Plato's Closet stocks them (new, in package) for $6 per pair, so that's where I usually stock up. Either price, they are completely worth it in my book!

angie said...

I can't wait to try the colored tights look this winter.I saw it repeatedlyin other blogs last winter.So I will definitely try.Nice outfit nice layering.I love layering!!!!

Diana said...

I broke out the tights (and boots) last week when it was cold and rainy, but the weather seems to have warmed up a bit again, so I think I may get a few more bare leg days out of this year! Autumn is my favorite season, for clothes and most other things as well, because it's so versatile and you can wear a little bit of everything. Personally, I think it's still a bit early for boots+jeans though...

I usually buy tights at places like TJ Maxx or Filene's basement where you can get them for about half retail... I do wear colored tights (usually with boots) but I like them to be quite opaque, which can be hard to find.

I know a lot of people don't like them, but I actually like footless tights best with boots, since I wear socks anyway. Footless tights for me are much more comfy and durable, since I always put holes in the toes of tights. I'll even admit to sometimes cutting the aforementioned holey toes off and wearing the remainder as footless tights...

Between Laundry Days said...

I have a few pairs of brightly-colored tights, but I tend to wear them mostly with neutral, darker outfits.

I've been resisting the transition to tights as well. Maybe in a week or so. Maybe. :)

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

I've yet to find tights that are long enough for my legs (even We Love Colors, who claims to have sizes up to someone who is 6 feet...), so I'm a leggings and boots so you can't see the gap between the leggings and the socks kind of gal.

Julia said...

I agree about the tights. I've broken out the boots, but am resisting tights! Tights are actually quite warm for me, so it needs to be <40 deg F for them to come out and play. But I am excited for some cooler temps!

Anonymous said...

I am right there with you with putting off wearing my tights and my overcoats. It'll be a long time wearing them, once it's chilly enough. I adore this dress without tights and with those amazing shoes - love the little wedge to them and the color is perfect! I love this look!

I think I most like to dress for autumn because I can layer again, but I'm not freezing cold and bundled. And I feel like in autumn (and, to an extent, in spring) I can wear almost all of my closet, so I have the most options.

Scholar Style Guide said...

Thanks for the tights tips! Katie, for what it's worth, my super tall professor (6'3"? 6'4"?) says she likes Donna Karan tights... expensive, she says, but long enough.

Sara, I feel like most of my clothes "work" for fall, too. But I feel like fall is over so quickly around here that I don't even have time to wear all of them!

May you all enjoy your last few bare legged days! : )


Anonymous said...

Very timely. I broke out some dark purple tights - the first tights of the season - today. It was my first venture into colored tights territory (last year I was bold enough to try grey rather than just black :). So far I'm pretty pleased, though admittedly, the rest of my outfit is pretty neutral (black, grey + denim skirt).

A said...

I haven't broken out the tights yet, as we have had unseasonably warm, record breaking temps (grrrrr). But I am SO ready for tight season. And I LOVE colored tights. Most of my pairs are from, Target (hit and miss with fun colors) and Kohs of all places! (the vera wang ones at kohls are great, but again for "fun" colors they ar hit and miss with availability). I think this dress would look great with teal tights and tall boots-whatever color you have: black, grey or even brown. If you don't know the blogs (Jessica) and workwithwhatyouvegot on blogspot (erin) check them out-both these ladies wear lots of colored tights and look great.