Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jean Scene

Earlier Drafts:
I wore this linen cropped jacket during my last graduate school exam.
These wedges sustained me through my first week of job-hunting.
I carried this bag with a classic jean jacket.

linen cropped jacket (Gap via my sister's closet)
brown jersey-knit tee (no tag, likely thrifted)
boyfriend jeans (Gap)
wedge heels (RJ Girl via Piperlime)
bag (Marshalls)

Lately I'm obsessed with jean everything.  Something about the near-90 degree weather makes me want to wrap myself in a stiff pair of Levis.  You should see me in the morning.  I'm like Gollom chanting "My preciousss" before my closet, throwing on nearly every jeaned item I own, coat-rack style.  Yesterday, after espying my veritable three piece suit - I kid you not: pants, vest, jacket of acid-washed medley - my husband gently coaxed me into "paring down the ensemble."  I kept the pants.  Why did I keep the pants?  My legs were producing more moisture per minute than our backyard sprinkler.  I can't figure out why I've timed my fascination so irrationally.  In these climbing temperatures, I should crave skirts, sundresses, and breathable fabrics.  And iced beverages.  I'm almost positive I'm the only one still ordering hot coffee at Dunkin Donuts.  The cashier asked me twice to verify that I, in fact, did not want an iced latte.

"No sir, I missed my jog this morning, so I'd like to get my sweat on in an alternative manner."

Maybe the rain has helped along my fixation.  Last week, on a dreary day, I wrote about my favorite and loyal and reliable and devoted jacket.  Today I'm all about the boyfriend jeans.  Slouchy, roomy, and not nearly as perspiration-inducing as their cousin of the skinny variety, these babies have lately carried me through an overcast evening of outdoor dining in Annapolis.

That said, maybe my context has prompted my compulsion.  Annapolis is a relaxed city, a mecca of boat shoes and windbreakers.  Here it's not uncommon to transition from boat deck to candle-light dinner in a single evening without a major wardrobe upgrade.  So when my girlfriend and I decided to meet our husbands for dinner in the town's quaint harbor, my heart thumped out a rhythmic boyfriend jean! beat.  Ah, relaxation for relaxation.

I'm hoping my linen jacket tempers the pants' unseasonable appearance.  That, and their light wash.  Next time, I probably won't pair them - they with the saggy waist line - with this top - it with the banded and cinched hem.  The combination gives the illusion of a heftier midsection.  And I might cuff the jeans higher to expose a bit more of my pale summer skin.  How would you convince these pants they they belong in warmer months?  Or, first thing's first, do they?

  • Do you favor jeans in summer, or do you definitively ban them after the weather reaches certain temperatures?
  • What's your favorite way to wear jean-ed anything, pants especially?  I'm running out of ideas! (Does that mean I should stop wearing them?)
  • How much weight do you give context in your dressing decisions?


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Well, I love these jeans with those wedges! I'm a little sad that your husband talked you out of your jean suit because I would have liked to have seen it.

I always order hot coffee at DD no matter the season.

Scholar Style Guide said...

I find jeans unbearable in the heat and humidity, but this makes me even more likely to reach for them when we happen to have a cooler day.

I'm surprised that I like this lighter wash. I tend to favor dark wash jeans, though I do have one light cropped pair that I wear to death in the warmer months.

Is there any good way to wear a shirt that's banded at the bottom? If so, I haven't found it yet.

And did you see anyone else in Annapolis in boyfriend jeans? The female mids there are forced to wear those tragic white pants (and lets not even talk about those horrible shoes), and I normally associate the Sperry crowd with bermudas and chinos.


Scholar Style Guide said...

Thanks for the feedback, girls! I'll have to devise new ways of wearing these jeans if I want to continue my obsession into July. :)

lHdM, so glad to hear someone else orders hot coffee year-round, too! If I work up my courage, I'll post the jean suit before summer's over. Brace yourself for heinousness.

Liz, nope, no one else in boyfriend jeans in Annap. Lots of cropped pants with assorted embroidered sea creatures, though.

- Anne-Marie

Erica said...

Great look! I love the boyfriend jeans with the heels. It's casual and also very trendy.