Sunday, June 20, 2010

Submission Sunday: Vickie

Liz's sister Vickie recently completed her Bachelor's of Nursing degree and is currently studying for the NCLEX.  She didn't tell us how she would describe her personal style, but Liz would describe Vickie's style as colorful, relaxed, and classic.

Summer Black-Out Challenge: Go Bold!

blue v-neck tee (Old Navy)
patchwork skirt (craft fair in Nicaragua)
headband (bowtie from dad’s closet)

Since half of my wardrobe made its SSG debut last week, I thought I might try this challenge for myself.  Black is a staple in my closet, as almost all of my accessories are black, and it’s the neutral I find most comforting.  So when I was getting ready for church this morning and looking at the “camp/wedding wardrobe” that isn’t currently at my sister’s house, I found this skirt, and decided that I would not only go without black, but try to make as bold of a fashion statement as possible.

I bought this skirt while on a medical mission trip in Central America, so wearing it always reminds me of good times and great people, and this gave me the extra push to go all out.  I usually wear it with a white shirt, since I think it’s bright enough on its own, but decided to try something new today.  I also thought to myself “what would Emma wear?

My favorite McKinley HS guidance counselor seems to always pair bold skirts with bright tops, or the other way around, so I felt like I could use that as inspiration for straying away from all neutrals.  I found this pink bowtie hanging on the back of my dad’s door, and was thrilled to find that it fit my head perfectly, and pulled another color out of the skirt.

I agree with Katie’s idea that bright colors can put you in a good mood, as well as Liz’s idea that some items have sentimental value.  Both of those things are true of this outfit.

I’ll admit that I wore black flip-flops when I wore this outfit to church because I didn’t pack many shoes, so it was either those or bright red heels, which didn’t seem to work.  I’ve been working on my cheesy poses since I’ll be spending the next 8 weeks at camp, and cheesiness is a must when surrounded by middle schoolers.

  • Is this too bold?  Does it draw away from the skirt to be wearing a non-neutral on top?
  • What shoes would work best here?
  • Does this large pink bow make me look like a present?


Vickie said...

Forgot to give the photo credit to our brother, Nate, who took these pictures without the aide of a viewfinder or a working display screen.

Scholar Style Guide said...

I really like the blue top with this skirt, and I think it makes the blue panels stand out. I'm not a big fan of bows for myself, but I do like how the hair bow mimics the tie of the skirt, as well.

I would most likely choose a muted tone flat sandal for this skirt... but I've been wearing my muted tone flat sandals nearly every day, so I'm not sure I'm the best one to consult.

Thanks for the submission!


Scholar Style Guide said...

Vickie, I'm crazy about this skirt! I especially like that it has sentimental value for you. A muted tone or nude sandal would work well with it, like Liz said, since such a shoe would direct attention to the skirt's fabulous colors.

Please post again soon!