Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shades of Grey

grey-striped button down (Gap)
linen blazer (Gap)
putty-toned shorts (J.Crew)
charcoal T-strap heels (gift from Liz, Xhilaration via Target)

Liz gave me these fabulously versatile heels at the beginning of the month as both a birthday present and a celebratory gift for completing our M.A. degrees.  I'm debuting the cuties for the first time on SSG, but I've worn them to almost every semi-formal occasion - with the exception of this wedding - so far this summer.  How did I ever survive without a pair of grey heels?  Thank you, Liz!

Today is appropriate to showcase these T-strap wonders because, since returning from my vacation in Charleston and Savannah, I'm obsessing over washed-out hues.  I normally spend the summer months in bright colors, wallowing in saturated pinks, greens, yellows, and blues.  Earlier in June, I even gave a shout-out to neons.  But you may have suspected my change of heart when I returned from my travels in a white-button down and bleached jeans.  Indeed, strolling the historic streets of these southern cities convinced me that muted has merit.  It's cooler, breezier, and, some argue, even chicer.  (Chicer is a word, right? It looks funny to me.)

I'm doing subdued today by mixing shades of grey.  The striped grey button-down is one of my favorite summer pieces, since it's gauzy and suggestively - in the confident, easy, warm weather way - see-through.  Last week I threw it on over bathing suits; this week, I'm tucking it under this light linen blazer.  The putty-toned shorts are barely a shade darker than the top.  (They also mark my second occasion of testing the waters of short-shorts on this blog!  Eek.)  And Liz's gifted heels punctuate the ensemble with the most saturated charcoal shade.

The spectrum of grey traveling down my silhouette makes me want to fist-pump the air.  It was accidental, but I like the visual line it creates, and that it highlights the ruffled T-straps.  How does the gradation  of grey resonate with you?

  • Was I successful in compiling a muted look?  What else would you have done to emphasize the de-emphasized colors?
  • How do you feel about wearing heels with shorts?  Too much like a Nair TV commercial?
  • Do you think muted tones are chic-er than saturated colors?  Which hues do you prefer for summer?


Sal said...

Such a sassy look! And the gradient of gray is so fun.

KP said...

I think you did a great job. I tend to stay away from too many neutrals personally because of VERY pale skin. However, I think you hit the mark without looking too monochromatic.

As for heels with shorts, I do it fairly often. I'm 5'2" and heels make me closer to average height. I think if done properly heels with shorts can be a great look and give a little more dress-up feeling to the look.

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

I think heels with shorts can be a great way to elevate a casual look. You've got nice legs and you definitely wear them well.
I'm not sure how muted colors differ from neutrals, but I do dig this outfit.

Scholar Style Guide said...

Rad in Brooklyn, you make a good point. I'm definitely using "muted" as a synonym for "neutral" in this post. Maybe neutral is always muted, but muted is not always neutral? In any case, grey is technically always neutral, since it's achromatic, at least that's how I understand it. Does that sound right to you? Thanks for bringing up terminology!

- Anne-Marie

Nate C said...

I think the term is "more chic". As in "totally fab". An example of this would be the way this ensemble uses those ruffled shoes in combination with the big collar to make a statement beyond "I'm cute."

Not to mention its complete inclusion of my color-blind compatriots and I.

Two thumbs up.

orchidsinbuttonholes said...

I adore this outfit! Those muted colors really work well together, and the T-straps really make the whole look that much more sophisticated and chic. Love it!

Brooke said...

Love the shoes - and you look so cute in both these pictures!!

Did you enjoy Savannah and Charleston? J and I LOVE Charleston!

tess said...

I love the neutrals, there's enough of them playing off each other to keep the look varied and interesting

I tend to wear a lot of color in the summer this is the time of year when my few hot pink dresses pop out

From Shrimp to Lobster said...

Success!! Looks great! I'm planning on trying Up, Up and Awhiteshirt for the 4th! Who makes the shoes you are wearing??

Scholar Style Guide said...


fStL, the nude shoes from "Up, Up, and Awhiteshirt" are Nine West via Piperlime. The grey peep-toes are Xhilaration via Target. Happy shopping!

- Anne-Marie

Scholar Style Guide said...

WHY didn't I also buy them for myself?! Well, because I was buying them for you after seeing them on a good friend (Hi Danielle!) so that would just be a little TOO much matchy-matchiness. : )

But they look fab. And I'm glad you like them!