Monday, June 21, 2010

Wedding Fashion: Bridesmaid Dress


bridesmaid dress (David's Bridal)
silver heels (BCBGMaxAzaria)

(Note: I'm traveling between June 16 and June 28, so I won't be commenting or responding to anything until I return.)

As I mentioned previously, one of my closest friends got married recently.  I served as a bridesmaid, and here's how I looked on the big day.  For me, picking out bridesmaid dresses presented a few problems.  I'm in another wedding this summer and in both cases, I told the brides that I would wear whatever they wanted - a giant taffeta gown, a tuxedo, really anything - as long as it sufficiently covered me up.  The problem is that I am bustier than the average bridesmaid.  To find a dress that fits my chest without looking obscene (hence, the covered up requirement) is harder than it looks.  I often have trouble wearing strapless dresses because they often do not provide ample coverage.  This dress, however, comes up high enough that it makes me look decent for church, much to my (and the bride's) relief.

For my hair, I requested a loose, side-swept updo, and I was pleased with how it came out.  The bride, per tradition, gave us the purple-hued jewelry that we wore on the big day.  Though I had little to do with how I fashioned or styled myself for this day, I ended up happy with the way that I looked.  In this blog, we try to think about the ways that we present ourselves through clothing and the messages we send.  Being in a bridal party presents an interesting stylistic arena as you do not necessarily represent yourself through your look (of course, there are exceptions to this).  I like to think of it as such: you represent your love, loyalty, and support for the bride through your clothing on her wedding day.  In the case of both weddings that I am in this summer, I am honored to stand by these strong, beautiful women as they take this step forward into matrimony.  To L and A, congratulations.

  • Have you been a bridemaid?  How many times?  What did you wear?  How did you feel about it?
  • Brides, how did think about styling your bridesmaids?


Katie from Interrobangs Anonymous said...

That is a decidedly non-horrible bridesmaid dress, and the purple looks so pretty with your hair and skin.

Good call with the attitude of being flexible as long as you feel you're covered up properly. I was a bridesmaid a few years back and the dresses were gorgeous, but the bride's teeny tiny sister had been the model. What was modest and elegant on her was waaaaaay too much cleavage for me in a church and at a formal event. It ended up being quite uncomfortable.

Scholar Style Guide said...

This dress looks fantastic with your coloring! And I like your interpretation of how wearing the bridesmaid's dress is a way of showing your love, loyalty, and support for the bride.

Before I got engaged, I had exactly 1 detail for my wedding planned: my girls were going to wear black. (Okay, maybe 2: I knew I wouldn't wear a strapless dress.) I asked them to wear the silk chiffon version of the Sofia dress from J.Crew, so they each looked super chic in an affordable dress that didn't need alterations. I believe they've all worn them again-- in fact, even I've worn my sister's bridesmaid's dress! They make a full length Sofia wedding dress now, and I would have bought that for myself if it had been available then.

I went off-the-rack for my girls because I didn't want them to look bridesmaid-y. But I do confess to being slightly afraid that one of the guests would show up in an identical dress. Luckily, that didn't happen!