Friday, June 18, 2010

Road Trippin' Wear

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These are my new favorite shoes.  I wore them here and here.  And a few days in between.

plaid button-down (Target)
khaki shorts (Lulu's)
wedge heels (RJ Girl via Piperlime)
aviator sunglasses (Fells Point Surf Co.)

This weekend I'm taking my first ever couples road trip with a girlfriend and her husband.  Have you ever vacationed with other couples?  I'm excited to travel together, and I'm especially thrilled to traipse around our quaint New England destinations (details to come!).

For our first day on the road, I'm keeping my outfit simple: shorts, button-down, and wedge heels.  Typically I'm not a short-shorts kind of girl, but I've committed to a more intense running regimen this summer, so I'm feeling bold.

I'm also happy to revive this plaid top, which I haven't worn in years.  The cap sleeves are newly adorable to me, as is the cinched waist.  They add interest and make this shirt a little special, I think.

Happy weekending!

  • Are you road trippin' this summer?  Tell me about your outfit (and traveling) plans!
  • If you wear shorts, which lengths and cuts do you prefer? 
  • If you don't wear shorts, why not?  Maybe we can commiserate?  Therapy-ize each other?


Katie from Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Have fun in my old stomping grounds! Depending on where you go, and if you're up for it, try having a lobster roll in different New England states (or even different towns) - we all take a lot of pride in how we make 'em.

The details on the shirt keep the outfit from being completely casual, but the overall ensemble is still very road trip friendly!

Someone said...

Why yes, we are road-trippin' this summer. We are moving to the West Coast and we're driving for a week to get there, while our "stuff" travels in a freight truck.

I hadn't even thought about outfits actually - but last trip (even though there were planes involved) I LOVED the ease of slinky jersey separates along with jeans to mix it up. I will be bringing my slinky jersey cardigan, a rayon blend Ann Taylor piece as simple as anything, just a 3/4 sleeve V-neck that I don't even close (it has hook and eye). One of the best and most versatile things I ever thrifted!

Have lots of fun...and do try the lobster rolls, yes! I am from New England and I. Love. Lobstah.


Vickie said...

I definitely travel in sweats and comfy clothes. Shoes that I can easily slip off during the hours spent in the car. So far this summer I've clocked over 60 hours and I'm not even halfway done. I DO like to look cuter when arriving at my destination, so I guess if I was only driving for a day, I'd take my outfits more seriously. Enjoy New England!

Kyles said...

Hi just discovered this blog and I'm loving it.
Love the shoes too. I wonder if I can find a pair similar in Australia???

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

I'm not wearing shorts too much this summer, because I'm still trying to shake the last 15 lbs of baby weight. Sigh. When I do wear shorts, I go for a walking short length.

Love those shoes! I just checked Piperlime and they're sold out in my size :-(

Scholar Style Guide said...

Thanks for the comments! Sounds like you guys have fun vacation plans of your own this summer. Please email photos of your travel wear to us; we'd love to feature your own looks!

I did enjoy the lobster, p.s. :) Though I enjoyed it in a sort of sauteed dish - does that count, New Englanders?


Scholar Style Guide said...

Just have to weigh in to say that if those shoes ever go missing from your closet, don't look in mine ;)