Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Staples


blue dress (Target)
flip flops (Rainbow)
purse (Coach)
sunglasses (H&M)
signature items

Fashion summer, as opposed to meteorological summer, is here, so I've been thinking about my summer staples.

1. Cotton sundress

One great thing about summer is that one and done looks are so much easier since you don't need tights, cardigans or coats since the temperature is warmer.  For me, simple dresses, like this one that I got at Target for probably around $10, are key.  They're a great way to look put together with minimal effort - plus, they're comfortable and keep you cool.  You can dress them up with accessories or high-heeled sandals, or wear them as I have here with just flip flops and minimal accessories.

2. Flip flops

These ubiquitous summer shoes have many incarnations.  From the $1 Old Navy plastic version to the $385 Gucci edition, flip flops reign during summer.  I like this pair because the black design on it adds some visual interest, making it, I think, a step up from the regular thong sandal.  Of course, no flip flop would be complete without a pedicure.  I like bright colors for my toe nails, experimenting on them far more than I would on my finger nails.  I'm currently wearing OPI's My Chihuahua Bites!, which is a coral-y orange-red - a great summery color that immediately makes me think of sunsets on the beach.

3. Bright Bag

I once wrote that I have a firm belief in bold, stylish coats because they are our opening sartorial statement.  I have similar feelings about purses.  I got this little green one deeply discounted at a Coach outlet awhile ago.  I carry it a lot in the summer because I just love the playfulness of the Granny Smith color, which always adds to my outfit.

Also, you can always accessorize with a puppy:

  • What are your summer staples?
  • Are you drawn to brighter colors in the summer like me?  Or do you wear them all year long, using them to spruce up dreary winter days?


She Spys said...

for summer it's all about the dresses, I try to incorporate all types of colors :)

Michelle said...

Just chose a jersey dress as my one-and-done for Memorial Day. Cool and easy! And yes, I accessorized with my puppy as well!

Scholar Style Guide said...

Your bright bag is adorable, especially for summer! I usually convince myself to buy neutral toned bags in all seasons, but color is what my warm weather wardrobe really wants. Maybe next time I'll go for a bold, concentrated hue.

I'm all about dresses for summer, too!


A-Dubs said...

Agreed on the dress front. And a puppy is always the best accessory! Yours is adorable.

Dorky Medievalist said...

That's a great purse and I'm onside with the bright coloured purse as an opening gambit, sartorially speaking. You look easy and breezy, especially with the puppy. I sort of wish he could fit in your purse so you could carry him around.

Ack. You know I meant easy-GOING, right? You don't look easy.

Scholar Style Guide said...

The meteorologist's wife says: it IS meteorological summer! So wear your summer gear with scientific and sartorial confidence! : )

I love this combination of elements. I considered buying a brightly colored bag for summer this year, but went with a neutral instead. Maybe I'll have the gusto to do it next year, after another year of reading your blog posts. : )


Anonymous said...

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