Friday, June 11, 2010

Ol' Faithful

jean jacket (Ann Taylor Loft)
white tee (H&M)
skirt (Lulu's)
sandals (Target)
bag (Marshalls)

I really want to dislike this jacket.  I really want to dislike most jean jackets, in fact.  They go awry so often, in so many ways.  The cut can be too boxy, or the sleeves/armpit area too baggy, or the collar too large, or the fabric too thin.  It's rare to find a winner in the jean outerwear department, I think.

But this number?  Ah, te amo, chaqueta!  I bought it for the Mao collar and the unoffensive wash, but I continue wearing it for the softness and the go-with-everything versatility.  On average, I've worn it every week since my senior year of high school.  That's not hyperbole, unfortunately.  (It smells like roses, don't fret.  Basically, I launder it as often as I shower.)  As the jacket ages like a fine wine and earns the "vintage" label, my affection for it multiplies.

Today I'm pairing my prized outergarment with a simple white tee, a bold-printed skirt, and some flats I scored for nearly nothing on sale at Target.  It's an easy early summer look, made comfier by my lived-in jeanlove.

  • What are your wardrobe faithfuls?
  • Has the bond you've formed with any of your favorite pieces surprised you?  Did you buy the garment with a tinge of skepticism, only to fall in love upon first wear?
  • I've owned this jean jacket since high school.  How long have you owned - and worn - any one article of clothing?


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Wow! I'm impressed that the jacket has held together so well with so much wash and wear!

With the exception of an athletic t-shirt or two I don't have anything in my closet that dates back to HS. I have some shoes and pjs from my early days of college that I still wear.

Scholar Style Guide said...

Yes, so far the jacket has been a tough lil' cookie to endure so many washings, and I stubbornly believe it won't one day unravel before my eyes, ha.

I'd love to hear about the shoes you've owned since college! Props to you! My shoes seem to be the first to go in my closet. I guess I wear 'em to pieces? Anyway, please blog about your well-loved footwear!


Scholar Style Guide said...

I have been eyeing jean jackets this summer, too, for those evenings when it cools down while you're out. Usually I take a cardigan to put on, but now that I wear them to work so frequently, they feel like a workplace item. I like this "old" jean jacket of yours, so maybe I should be checking thrift stores for one instead of scouring the racks of discount stores.

I tend to get rid of things in my closet fairly frequently- if I haven't worn it in the past year, it goes. For the most part this keeps my closet manageable, but there are probably a few items I've given away that I would have begun wearing again.