Friday, June 4, 2010

Quick Change: Neon

Earlier Drafts:
I wore these nude flats with a casual ensemble.
I donned the yellow wedges with a patterned frock.
I wore this bib necklace with a subdued palette.

pink tiered skirt (Target)
white tee (H&M)
chartreuse halter top (Gap, several seasons ago)
yellow wedges (Nine West)
nude flats (Jessica Simpson)
wooden and enamel bracelets (thrifted)
turquoise bib necklace (

Two things are certain: first, I have failed miserably at executing the shampooing-my-hair pose, and, second, I have officially hopped aboard this season's neon bandwagon.

I bought this skirt on sale at Target, thinking it would help me ease into the neon trend.  (See Exhibit A, on the left.)  I quickly learned that, when dressing to imitate my highlighter set, there is no easing.  There is only the all-in approach.  Pairing a fabulously bright skirt with a white T-shirt?  I could not have been safer had I strapped on a seatbelt.  Womp, womp.  So, in my second attempt (Exhibit B, on the right), I embraced color, much like Katie did with her Granny Smith Apple green bag.  I feel bold in this ensemble.  I feel like I'm riding the life roller coaster with hands in the air and both eyes open.  The takeaway for me?  Do color, especially neon hues, full-on.

The fashion market has revived the brights obsession at an opportune moment for my personal life,  just as I'm stepping away from graduate school and into the world of paid labor.  Not that I'll attend job interviews in yellow pant suits.  However, on these days in between employment, when I'm struggling to find motivation, brights prompt me to go for the gusto.  Wearing neon requires courage, I think, because these hues don't allow me to blend in with a crowd.  And courage is the best salve for my current ambivalence.  Exchanging my beloved neutrals for shield-my-eyes shades of yellow, green, pink, and orange reminds me to slough off my noncommittal attitude regarding corporate America.  I gave grad school a fair shot; I owe it to myself to give Working World a fair shot, too.  I'm all in.

  • Are you game-on r.e. the revival of brights?  Ambivalent?  Mournful?
  • How have you dipped your toes in the neon waters?  Have you found successful ways to wear the shades?  Several weeks ago, I dabbled in neon nail polish and had a great time.  I like this tutorial by Emily at Cupcakes & Cashmere.
  • What's your interpretation of the "neon attitude"?  Am I wrong about these hues requiring sartorial courage?


Katie from Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Be still, my neon-loving heart! Way to go big or go home!

I think it takes guts to wear anything that draws attention to yourself, because then people are paying attention (duh). But you found the line between in-your-face fabulous, and hey, look at that crazy girl over there. The neutral shoe and lack of pattern really help, and the bib necklace draws the eye up to your face so we see you first, then the neon.

Scholar Style Guide said...

Call me boring, but I like both looks! I really like the "safe" look because I like the pairing with the bangles. I also agree with Katie's point about how the bib necklace helps draw attention to your face in the second look.

Maybe I could dip my toes in the neon waters- literally- with a neon pedicure. But I'm not sure I could do a neon look, certainly not one as bold as yours on the right. Perhaps this is a lack of adventurousness, but I just don't like the look enough to push outside my comfort zone to buy it and try it. At least, not yet. : )


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

that skirt is AMAZING--the color, cut, the tiers--it's just fabulous.

Brooke said...

Love neons!! You should pair the outfit on the right with some neon polish ( I really like that skirt.